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Exercise of the Week: Mountain Climbers

Dec 17, 2014

Mountain Climbers are tough, but they are an effective full body exercise that challenges the legs, core and heart rate. When you don’t have much time and want to get a good workout, mountain climbers are a great choice. Mountain climbers are a high intensity exercise that will get your heart rate up and add a burst of cardio to your workouts. As far as bodyweight exercises go, they are one of the best! But what is the correct way to perform them? How do I know if I’m doing them right if my trainer isn’t there to tell me?

1. Begin in a push-up position
2. Keep your neck elongated (Don’t let that head drop!)
3. Keep your abdominal muscled contracted throughout the entire exercise.
4. Start the movement by bringing the right knee to the chest and back to starting position.
4. Quickly alternate to the left leg and continue this movement for anywhere from 30 seconds to 3 minutes

1. Let your hips come up out of alignment with the neck and shoulders!!
2. Jump up and down very high between reps; make the movement as smooth and fluid as possible.
3. Start out too fast. Find a good pace that you can maintain for the duration of the exercise.

TO MAKE THIS EXERCISE EASIER, start your pushup position with your hands on a bench or coffee table. This way, you don’t have to support as much as your bodyweight as you do when you do mountain climbers from the floor.

TO MAKE THIS EXERCISE HARDER, perform with hands on a Stability or Bosu Ball, or try wearing a weight vest (for extreme clients only!)


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