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Best Meals Before A Workout

Aug 3, 2016

One of the many mysteries of working out is what to do beforehand. Do you eat to get energy? Do you not eat so you are not sluggish during the workout? How much do I eat if I decide to eat before I workout? It is a question that has come across the minds of many, and we have the answer. Now, everyone has their own preference of what works best for them and what they feel comfortable doing. It has been studied that not eating before a workout can be detrimental. Not eating before a workout can result in low blood sugar, which will lead to fatigue and lightheadedness.

With that in mind, we do not suggest you chow down right before a workout as that will be counterproductive and can cause cramps. A light meal or snack thirty minutes before a workout is perfect, as they will give you the necessary nutrients needed to train at maximum effort. Here are a couple of great meals and snacks that are perfect before a workout.

Bananas - They are often referred to as “nature’s power bar”. They are loaded with digestive carbohydrates and potassium. Both of which aid in maintaining nerve and muscle function.

Oats - They are full of fiber, which means that they will gradually pump carbohydrates into your bloodstream. This will keep your energy levels consistent during a workout. In addition to fiber, oats contain B vitamins which help convert carbs into energy!

Whole Grain Bread - For more carbs, whole grain bread is a great source, and as we know carbs are great for workouts. You can top off your bread with a some jam, honey, or avocado for extra energy!

Fruit & Yogurt - This snack is one of the most common of pre-workout snacks. As it should be because yogurt, especially Greek, contains high-quality protein. While fruit provides the carbohydrates we all know and love. The carbs in the fruit help for when you workout and the protein in the yogurt helps with muscle damage prevention. It works this way because proteins do not break down fast enough, but it is a good thing as the protein will help with recovery.


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