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What are some important things to look for in a running shoe?

May 20, 2014

The most important thing with buying running shoes is knowing that running shoes and other kinds of workout shoes are not always the same. There are many factors that contribute to which kind of shoe you should get for running, such as how long and how fast you run and on what kind of terrain..are you a distance runner, a sprinter, a recreational runner, or someone just getting into the sport? Also the depth of your arch and where your weight is distributed in your stance and gait will dictate where the most support is needed. My best advice is to go to a store or outlet that does measurements, gait, and foot mapping and you can be confident that you are getting a good pair of running shoes. -Kristen

An important thing to look for in a running shoe is to know your running style so you can get the right kind of shoe for your run. The first step in finding a right pair of running shoes is to know what you will be doing with them. Are you a jogger or a runner? Do you run 15 miles a week or 25? Do you run on trails, asphalt or a treadmill? Are you training for a race? What body type are you? These are the kinds of questions you need to ask yourself before buying a pair of running shoes. –Sara

Cushion, support, and feel are three important elements of choosing a good running shoe. They are much more important than color, look, and brand name. If you are really interested in finding the best running shoe for yourself it's a good idea to visit a local running specialty store. Most of these stores will put you on a treadmill and watch your stride/landing as you run. From there they can direct you towards a shoe that fits your foot strike (toe, mid-foot, heel), while also taking into account whether you over or under pronate. The right pair of sneakers is essential to feeling your best while running! -Keith


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