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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Dave K.

W. Newbury, 2015


I was not sure what to expect when I signed up with FT for personal training 4 months ago but I knew that the exercise training I had been doing on my own was not keeping up my fitness and strength.  My goals were to gain back some of my lost lean muscle mass and lose 10 pounds.  I admit that I nearly snapped like a twig during the first couple of sessions but I kept at it and soon became the guy who completed his sets/reps and had time for “dessert exercises”. 

The FT team kept me focused and accountable but the true measure is results.  FT built up my muscles in places I did not know I had muscles and that really amped up my metabolism.* I smashed through my first goal of losing 10 pounds and I am closing in on my new goal of 20 pounds.*  I feel as well and as strong as I have ever felt. Did I mention that I am 60 years old?  I would highly recommend Fitness Together as an arrow in your health & fitness quiver for anyone serious about getting fit. 

Jeffrey Newman

Owner at Proactive Chiropractic

Many of my patients have been with Sean & the Fitness Together team for some time now. His approach to client care fits in seamlessly with the healthcare professionals. Client education is of the utmost importance to assure that clients are not only reaping benefits while at Fitness Together but healthier and stronger during their everyday activities on their own. Perhaps the most valuable asset of Fitness Together is the choice of workout style. Offering 100% 1 on 1 personalized or Pack (small personalized groups) workouts helps fit any age and motivation. I have, do, and always will strongly recommend Sean & Fitness Together, he is the best around

Best thing I've done

Cathy Thompson

A poster woman for how she loves Fitness Together!

I was having a great deal of trouble getting motivated on my own to exercise.  I just could not stick to an exercise program until I came to Fitness Together and now I just love to exercise!  I love working out with a personal trainer here at Fitness Together.  I have gotten much stronger and I feel so much better about myself!!  Thank you, Fitness Together!

Cathy Thompson


Feeling great!!

Gail Learnard

Very pleased client


Hi… I’m Gail Learned, from Greenland and am 58 years old.


Unsolicited compliments from
my husband are rare indeed…

So I was shocked when he said…
You look smokin’ hot!”


Do you remember the last time you heard words like that from the one you love?

I sure couldn’t. That is, until last Tuesday… when out of nowhere… my husband said:

“You look smokin’ hot in those jeans! 

I felt older than I really was

Only eight weeks ago, I was playing in the yard with my grandson. But after 5 minutes, I had to sit and rest. I was exhausted, and just couldn’t keep up with him. Needless to say, I wasn’t happy about it.

I was actually feeling old. But I’m only 58! Even though I still feel like 30 on the inside, my body was feeling otherwise. Signs like gaining weight, aches and pains, and flabby skin were now apparent.

My jeans got tighter, and I hadn’t worn a sleeveless shirt or tank top in years.

To be honest… I did try the gym, but it just didn’t work for me. I was self-conscious about everyone looking at me. And I’ll admit I was completely clueless and intimidated by all those weights, machines, and cardio equipment…

So after a couple of times, I just quit going.

- But today… I feel like I’m 30 again*

- In only 6 weeks, my clothes fit better. I lost weight, and tightened and toned the sagging skin on my arms, thighs, and tummy. All without gimmicks or fad diets.*


After *

Sarah Weisburg

Getting strong

I am 29 years old and only after a few months of working out with us at Fitness Together, I feel  stronger and way better about myself.  I was only here in Portsmouth for a few months, but if I were staying I would continue to workout with Fitness Together!!  The trainers as well as the owner helped to learn about my body as far as how to exercise and to eat right!! Thank you, FT, Portsmouth


Bring it on...

Dianne Cagnina

Feeling strong now

* Dianne is just getting started training with Fitness Together, but already she feels better about herself!!!