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Trainer Tuesdays- What is Your Favorite Power Move for Maximum Calorie Burn?

Apr 2, 2013


One of my favorite power moves is the burpee. Its a total body move
that gets the heart rate up, works the legs, core and shoulders, and
if you add a push up at the bottom it gets the chest in there too (and
makes it harder!


My favorite power move is the box jump! These incorporate fast twitch muscles in the lower body, require coordination and get the heart pounding. Jumps also recruit the large muscles in the legs, creating more of an overall calorie burn.


I think that kettlebell swings are a terrific power movement. Humans have the ability to generate a tremendous amount of power with our hips. What better way to develop that power than with an explosive exercise where your hamstrings, flutes, low back, and abdominals are all involved?


Generating explosive power requires a large amount of muscular recruitment, and the exercise that recruits the greatest amount of muscle is the squat. Of course, the squat can also be hard on the knees, hips and lower back. So use a moderate weight and as you reach the top of the movement continue into a shoulder press, recruiting the shoulders, triceps and upper back as well.


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