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Trainer Tuesday! What are the best ways to stay active this summer?

May 21, 2013

Trainer Tuesday: What are the best ways to get yourself, family and friends active this summer?
I think the best way to stay active during the summer is to take advantage of the large amount of daylight and get outside. Walking, running, cycling, swimming, and pickup basketball are just a few of the great calorie burning activities you can do outside. Don't like exercising in the heat? No problem. With early sunrises, and late sunsets there's plenty of light for an early morning, or after dinner exercise session. If you do choose to get a workout in during the middle of the day it is critical to hydrate before, and re-hydrate after your activity. Also, make sure you apply sunscreen, and try to wear light colored clothing when possible.

I try to encourage my family to stay active by reminding them of the importance of being physically fit. The summer is the time to head to the beach and be active. Nobody wants to be those people that just lounge in the sand with their big box of cheez-itz while everyone else is down by the water running around, throwing the pigskin and having a great time. Being healthy is important for living a happy life and that is how I encourage my family to exercise regularly.
The best way to stay active during the summer is to enjoy water activities! Not only will you be able to cool off but you can burn some extra calories. Hit the beach for a surf session or do some laps in your swimming pool. Check out kayaking or white water rafting if you want to try some intense exercises. Most importantly, have fun!
Definitely getting outdoors is the key to staying active in the New England summer. Besides biking, running and swimming, maybe join a pick-up league of the sport you enjoy. Rollerblading is also great on a smooth road in summer. You’ll be getting exercise and also Vitamin D from those rays!


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