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Trainer Tuesday: May is Arthritis Month. What are some foods that help with inflammation and arthritis?

May 14, 2013


Inflammation may be worsened by "bad" foods that we should be avoiding anyway. Stay away from sugary, high-fat and processed foods. These tend to be high in omega-6 fats, which can cause health problems and add to inflammation throughout the body. Aim to replace these unhealthy options with healthier, "whole" (unprocessed or less processed) choices that contain omega-3 fats found in fish, many nuts and oils like sunflower and olive. Also fruit and plenty of dark, leafy greens are a must for promoting nutritional health and may reduce the risk of health complications.


Food can't cure arthritis, but it can help to make the disease less painful. Oranges and broccoli are excellent foods to help with arthritis because they are high in Vitamin C. Vitamin C protects collagen which is a major component of cartilage. Sipping green tea can also help with the effects of arthritis. Green tea has certain antioxidant compounds that help lessen the severity of arthritis.


One food that can help with arthritis pain and inflammation is Olive Oil. Olive oil contains the compound oleocanthal which has been shown to block some of the enzymes that cause inflammation. Two great ways to use olive oil are in a homemade olive oil and vinegar salad dressing, or drizzled on some roasted vegetables. By using the olive oil on salads or vegetables you will not only get the health benefits of olive oil, but also of fresh vegetables. Be careful though, with roughly 120 calories in a tablespoon, olive oil still has to be used in moderation.


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