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Trainer Tuesday- What are some active spring break vacations?

Mar 4, 2014

Spring break is definitely the time to get away from the cold weather and go to some place warm. An active spring break vacation that you could take is going hiking at the Grand Canyon. Not only will you get an incredible view, you will also be working up a sweat. If you are planning on going somewhere where there is a beach, you could schedule a kayaking session. An hour of this could burn at least 300 calories an hour! –Sara

There are many different types of active spring breaks available in this day and age. You and some friends could collaborate and choose a large mountain to hike, like Mt. Rainier in Washington, or find a mountain range to hit the slopes. If you feel like going somewhere warm then perhaps scuba diving and other water sports could be a nice change of pace to keep your body active and expending calories. -Andy


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