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Trainer Tuesday- Should I repeat the same workout over and over?

Feb 18, 2014

Workout routines should be altered often. It is a safe plan to adapt your weekly routine every month to keep your muscular system "on edge" and guessing about how you will put stress upon it. This method, called periodization, can be a very complex system or a simple one. For the average person, mixing up routines every 4-6 weeks will do the trick. This will allow you to keep building muscle and smash through any plateaus you may encounter along the way. -Andy

You should not repeat the same workout over and over again for many reasons. One of them is is can get boring causing you to dread your workout everyday. Change can keep your workouts fun and interesting giving you something to look forward to. Another reason you should switch up your routine is if it is not giving you results anymore. Your body can adapt to the same exercises done over and over for the same amount of reps/sets/weight so they don't offer the same benefits as they once did. Keeping your muscles challenged and your body guessing will get results. –Sara

You should not repeat the same workout over and over again, however, that does not mean you should randomly change what you do every time you are in the gym either. Doing the same workout repeatedly will eventually slow down, and perhaps all together stop your progress. Your body is smart, and a bit lazy. It will adapt and change based on the stresses you put on it, but in order to keep the body changing, the stress placed on it has to change as well. That being said, randomly selecting exercises, rep schemes, and weights can make it challenging to gauge the progress you are making and determine whether a workout program is working for you. Try changing up your workout every 4 to 8 weeks.-Keith


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