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Tips for Eating Smart When Dining Out

Apr 26, 2021

Cooking each and every meal can get exhausting, so sometimes dining out is the answer. But dining out doesn't have to mean ditching your healthy eating habits. Check out these tips on how to be smart when enjoying a night out.

1) If going out, check out the menu ahead of time so you go in with a plan.

2) Don't be shy to ask for substitutions, inquire about ingredients, or ask for assistance in finding something that is sugar and grain-free.

3) Stay away from any sugary sauces like teriyaki and BBQ. Ketchup (other than Primal Kitchen and maybe a few others) is a no for now, but mustard is a great option. Lemon and/or lime can make a big difference in flavor. Frank's Red Hot is totally fine to spice things up! You can always sneak in your own condiments - or use your own if getting take-out!

4) Focus on food that is grilled, boiled, roasted, steamed or baked (without bread crumbs) instead of fried or breaded.

5) Skip the bread bowl and tell the waiter ahead of time that you don't want it so you are not tempted.

6) Skip the bun. Ask for some quality lettuce wraps instead - like a Boston Bibb lettuce. Or, get the burger or whatever you order on top of salad or veggies.

7) Sub any grains, like pasta or rice, for veggies or quinoa (if they have it).

8) Sub potatoes for sweet potatoes - or get extra veggies instead.

9) Salads are always great options - just make sure you skip any crunchy toppings, like croutons and wontons, and breaded or fried meats. For dressings, ask for a balsamic, red wine or white wine vinegar and EVOO. Sometimes a squeeze of lemon or lime is all you need.

10) If people are ordering an appetizer, you can order a side salad or a cup of soup. This will give you something to eat and enjoy while others are doing the same.

11) If there are no healthy options on the main menu, consider ordering 2 appetizers instead. Ahi tuna and a soup, for example.


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