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Morning vs Night, which is better for you?

Feb 25, 2021

Early riser or night owl? 6 am or 7pm? Whatever your hectic schedule will allow, there are advantages to working out at all times of day. Right now, we are going to take the time to discuss the pros and cons to both.

Pros to working out in the morning.

1. Fewer distractions.

Normally when you wake up, you have a clear mind and your body is fresh from sleeping the night before. This gives you the chance to get the day started the right way.

2. More overall energy

Regular exercise is a great way to boost energy levels and reduce fatigue for your day. When you workout, oxygen and nutrients travel throughout the body. This can help to improve the cardiovascular system, your endurance and your overall stamina

3. Better focus

A 2019 study published by british journal of sports medicine found that a morning workout can help improve attention, visual learning, as well as decision making.

Cons to working out in the morning.

1. Lower Energy stores

Since it’s first thing in the morning, you most likely wouldn’t have the time to get any food in your system. The good news is this will have you burning off stored nutrients in the body, but will leave you feeling fatigued much quicker.

2. Metabolism Shift

As the day goes on, your metabolism tends to slow down. A night time workout could help to boost the metabolism before bed but, in this case, a morning workout wouldn’t give this benefit.

3. Increased chance of injury

Working out early in the morning is a great way to start the day, but often needs to start with some dynamic and static warm up. The muscle is normally colder when you first wake up, making it more prone to pulls and strains if not warmed up properly

Pros to working out at night

1. Improve your performance

Studies have shown that working out in the evening vs the morning has up to a 20% increase in productivity. There are many variables that can apply here (Nutrient intake, caloric output, ect.)

2. More Energy for your workout.

When working out, it's important to have the proper nutrients to fuel your muscle and brain. Not only will your muscle fatigue quicker without it, but your focus and energy during the workout will fatigue quickly as well.

3. Great way to decompress

So often we carry the stress of work with us once we leave the office. Being able to exercise after a long day of work can help you decompress and leave you feeling ready to conquer your next work day.

Cons to working out at night

1. Harder to build Consistency.

More often than not, we find that evenings are when people try to create plans and socialize. This can make exercising difficult in trying to build a routine. Building consistency is important in any lifestyle change so trying to keep to the habit while maintaining your social life intact can be difficult.

2. Can disrupt sleep quality

For some, exercising at night can make falling asleep difficult. Exercise spikes the metabolism as well as spikes adrenaline and stress hormones. Both of these things can make getting a restful sleep difficult.

3. Larger Crowds.

The “after work rush” can make getting in a complete workout difficult. With so many people at the gym at once, sometimes all the equipment is being used, or the area you want to lift in may be crowded. One easy way to avoid this though, is to find yourself a private personal trainer. If the large crowds aren’t for you, check out Fitness Together® Portsmouth Home to inquire about our one on one fitness training!

The takeaway here is that no matter what your schedule will allow, there are some key benefits to working out either morning or afternoon. The most important thing to do is make sure you keep yourself active and healthy!


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