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June Client of the Month

Jul 7, 2020

Congratulations to Steve S. for being our Portsmouth June client of the month!
He first sought out Fitness Together after his annual physical where his health wasn't where he wanted it to be and he had had enough. He had been a member of a local gym, but hadn't felt motivated to go. He found FT where he feels focused on working out and realizes the importance of getting fit and understands the work that needs to be put in. His favorite part about being a client with Fitness Together is our knowledgeable and personable Trainers who make the workouts fun, yet challenging.

Steve's favorite exercise is the Dumbbell bench press, due to a shoulder injury in his teen years he has always struggle with it so he likes how it works on stabilization and strengthening. Though he does have many others that he loves to hate especially on the piece of equipment that will remain unnamed [the BOSU☺] he enjoys being challenged and doing exercises that reinforce why he is here.

The proudest achievement that Steve has accomplished is pushing his limits sometimes further than her thought he could go, knowing he is working hard every session and making a real effort at becoming a healthier him.

The best bonus for Steve?
He is in many aspects of his life making healthier choices, especially with nutrition. He is finding himself eating healthier and well-rounded. He is ultimately expanding the positive impact that exercise has on his life.


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