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Client of The Month

Mar 19, 2020

David is our February client of the month! He first sought out Fitness Together after looking to continue personal training and having great success with it for a year and a half while living abroad in Singapore but struggling to make and keep progress by myself when I moved back to the US. David like the fact that the certifications and training held by the staff at FT, as well as the 1:1 type session made it a better option than the “glorified gym buddy” at most commercial gyms. David’s favorite part of being a client with FT is the convenient location to his apartment, the studio is dedicated to the client being trained and there is no fighting for equipment or space.

His favorite exercise is the sled push, which focuses on strengthening the entire body and challenges your lungs too. David says his greatest achievement since starting at Fitness Together is being able to push almost a half-ton on the sled push and needing to donate a bunch of pants because his legs don’t fit in them properly anymore.

The best bonus for David?

Four years ago, I was 31 and admitted to the hospital for a hypertensive emergency with blood pressure readings of over 160/120. The stress of working 70+ hour weeks 6/7 days a week and construction site dietary choices (i.e. McD’s being the only thing open after midnight) resulted in me weighing nearly 300 lbs (135kg). It also took a toll on my mental state: being in my early 30s and on prescriptions I associate with people well past retirement, and just seeing myself being “that” big. At the beginning of 2018, my wife and I decided to work with a personal training studio. We tried doing it ourselves, but quickly got tired and bored. Since then I’ve dropped from ~300 to 225 lbs, no longer require anti-hypertensives, and have a much better sense of well-being. I also don’t feel embarrassed looking at the person I see in the mirror.

It’s taken a while to get down to a decent size and in a good level of fitness – as my dad said, I didn’t put on all the weight overnight, so I shouldn’t expect it all to go away overnight either. Having a trainer who can help you get to where you need to be, and push you further positively, has contributed tremendously to getting into a much better state of health.


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