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Besides diet and exercise, what else impacts my fitness?

Jun 17, 2014

Besides diet and exercise, sleep is a huge component of fitness. Sleep is critical in allowing your body to fully recover from workouts and get ready to go for your next one. Additionally, lack of sleep can often cut into the motivation a person has to workout. Its much harder to get to the gym when you are exhausted. Solid sleep also supports healthy eating. Someone who is not getting proper sleep is more likely to take the easy or quick food option, and that often is not the healthy one!-Keith

Sleep schedules, stress levels, how sedentary your job/lifestyle is, how often and how long you are commuting places, and participation in outside activities all impact your fitness levels. Getting the right amount of sleep can help keep you fresh during your workout and during the day, and while working out will give you more energy and reduce stress, too much stress can make it difficult to get the most out of your fitness routine. A sedentary lifestyle, job, and long commute not only makes it hard to workout but also keeps your body in one position for the day which can be tough on the spine. Trying to get out for a walk or participate in sports or other activities that require you to move on top of your fitness routine will help keep your body happy and fit!-Kristen

Besides exercise and diet, another factor that impacts fitness is stress. Stress has a physical impact on your body. It can raise blood pressure and resting heart rate, increase cortisol levels and lead to weight gain. –Sara

Sleep and proper recovery are two of the most important factors for physical and mental health. Without proper amounts of each, mental and physical stress can build up and lead to other issues that can jeopardize your health and abilities.-Philip


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