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Vending Machine No-No's

Oct 28, 2014

For many, the vending machine is too often the go-to for lunch or even breakfast. And although there are "healthy" vending machines available (NY is trying them out at rest stops), the majority are still filled with less nutritious foods.

Vending machines have been around since the beginning of the first century, but it was the makers of Tutti-Frutti gum who started using food vending machines, back in 1888, to sell gum at train stations in New York City. It wasn't until 1950 that machines had the ability to hold and sell refrigerated sandwiches. Now, vending machines can sell anything from milk to fruit to candy to whole meals.

But for most of us, the vending machines we frequent are still stocked with cakes, chips and candy. I don't believe there are really any bad foods, and nothing is really off limits, but here are the items that you should pick least often:

  1. Regular Soda

    A can is full of sugar that will you give an instant energy surge but leave you sluggish 30 minutes.
  2. Diet Soda

    New research shows that diet soda can wrack havoc on the bacteria in your gut and may actually cause you to gain weight.
  3. Fruit Snacks

    They may say they contain real fruit, but they are really just sugar and artificial flavor, which can impact your dental health.
  4. Fried Potato Chips/Sticks

    These high fat snacks will make you feel sluggish and wanting more.
  5. Cheese & Crackers

    These little squares tend to be high in sodium, which can cause water retention and excessive thirst.
  6. Artificially Flavored Popcorn

    Anything artificial is never one of your best picks.

  7. Candy & Candy Bars

    Sugar, sugar and more sugar can cause you to "crash" at the moment you need to be at your best.
  8. Snack Cakes

    Don't even try to tell yourself that the strawberry filling counts as a fruit. These treats are sugar and fat-laden, and usually there are at least two servings in the package.


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