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The Benefits of Exercising While On-The-Go

Jun 19, 2017

Traveling can easily derail your regular workout schedule. For some extra motivation check out my list of benefits to remain active while you’re exploring different cities. Now that you can easily fit in a workout with Peloton at any of these Westin locations, log into a ride or Beyond the Ride workout to keep your routine consistent while you’re on-the-go.

1. Break a sweat when you land in a different time zone. Whether it’s an invigorating class to set the day, or evening yoga to prepare for rest, movement can help adjust to new time zones. Clip into a Peloton ride or break a sweat with a Beyond the Ride workout at these Westin locations.

2. Lace up and see more. Walk where you need to go and let two feet be your tour guide.

3. Stay consistent. On-the-go doesn’t have to mean veering off course from your fitness goals. Busy travelers will benefit from even 20 minutes of activity. HIIT or Tabata workouts are a great option to maintain cardiovascular fitness when short on time. Better yet, you can catch either of these classes with me, live or on-demand, on the Peloton bike!

4. Go on a fitness adventure by trying a local studio, or trying a new sport. Visiting a new city or country can be a perfect opportunity to see how the rest of the world stays fit!

5. Boost endorphins and blood flow. Traveling often involves sitting for long periods of time, which can lead to low energy and decreased mobility. Whether it’s work or play, fitness will invigorate your mind and body for the trip ahead.

Put these tips in motion when you’re on the road and staying with Westin!


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