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Save MONEY While Shopping

Apr 26, 2012

Food prices are escalating at an alarming rate these days. Blame it on the rising cost of fuel to ferry food from farms to market and also the demand for ethanol gas, which is made from corn.

But there are ways to save money when food shopping if you are willing to put in the time and effort. Try these tips, courtesy of

Clip coupons to defray costs; use the weekly fliers that stores distribute to learn what’s on sale before you hit the aisles.

Make a shopping list, and check it twice to avoid going to the store more often than necessary.

Know the prices for the top 10 foods that you typically buy, and track those costs for several weeks. Once you know the typical price range, stock up when something goes on sale.

Become a “member” at the stores where you shop most frequently, so you can make use of their cost-saving loyalty programs. Some stores will double coupons for members who show their card at the register, while others offer two-for-one bargains. Many stores are starting to accept coupons that are downloaded and printed off the Internet, and others now offer discounts to seniors.

Shop at big-box stores for staples, such as paper goods and cleaning products. But do exercise caution, as the “savings” you realize can quickly be wiped out by impulse buys, like discounted flat-screen televisions or designer handbags!


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