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Fast Food Nation

Sep 28, 2010

Everybody knows that we’re a fast food nation. Too many folks like their hamburgers cheap and their chicken to taste more like foul cardboard than fowl. Most children and adults in my neighborhood look super-sized – and I don’t mean the way the term is used in the gym. If you can afford to go to a nice restaurant, the nutritional picture isn’t much prettier. That great taste comes from fat, you know.

When it comes to diet, we’re also a nation of fads and gimmicks. These promise the sky and leave you worse off than when you started. Instead of the latest fad, consider educating yourself on healthy eating. I’d start by reading Omnivore’s Dilemma by Michael Pollan to find out where your food actually comes from. We’ve gotten away from knowing the basics of food, so get back to basics. Avoid refined foods, keep to a diet that is balanced in vitamins and minerals, cut down on the junk food.

It’s natural that many fitness coaches are food savvy. They can advise you on the nutritional side as well as the exercise and weight training sides of health. Fitness Centers are taking a proactive approach with healthy eating. Fitness Together centers in Orlando, FL (Baldwin Park), Manasquan, NJ and Novi MI, offer a Nutrition Together program which provides Nutritional counseling sessions to help you change how you eat.

We’ve exported our fast and fat food culture to Europe and beyond, and the fads and gimmicks are causing enormous amount of confusion. It’s hard to keep from those tasty fatty morsels, I know. If you can’t do it yourself, or want to filter the confusion to get to the facts: ask for assistance! There are coaches ready to help you.


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