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Tips to Help You Stay Fit While Traveling

Dec 10, 2019

Tips to Help You Stay Fit While Traveling

I. Research local/hotel gyms and/or fitness classes

Most big hotels will have a fitness area. Granted, it may not always be luxurious, but if there is at least a treadmill or elliptical, then you have a means to a cardio workout. If you are traveling in the U.S., you will most likely find a gym nearby where you can request a day pass (ie -go to Planet Fitness online to reserve.

II. Bring Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are a wise investment for those who travel often. They are equipment you can use right in your hotel room. Aim for a 20-30 minute full body workout with resistance bands each day you are traveling. Also, yoga mats can fit into most travel bags. No time for a full workout? Try 10 minutes of stretching to make you feel better.

No equipment? No problem! Here's a great workout you can do on your own anywhere:

Full Body Workout Routine

Perform 4 rounds of each circuit. Reps from 12-18, your choice depending on intensity.

1. Wide Grip Pushups

2. Lying Leg Raises

3. Lying Side Leg Raises

4. Partial Rep Squats

1. Close Grip Pushups

2. Regular Plank (45 seconds) rotate to side planks (15-20 seconds)

3. Lunge Pulses (12 each side)

4. Regular Sit-Ups (pin each-others feet or hook under couch)

1. Push up planks with tuck and extension (knee in, kick leg back) 12 each leg

2. Supermans (lying on stomach, raising body off of ground)

3. Balance Drill (tap opposite raised knee, bend over, kick leg back, touch other knee with opposite hand) All on one foot.

4. Crunches with feet elevated off of floor (crunch knees and elbows together)

Finish by stretching calves, hips, and quadriceps.

III. Look to your phone for workouts

There are many fitness apps and programs that are easily accessible in the palm of our hands. YouTube has plenty of free, quick workout videos to do in a hotel room. There are also free, full yoga programs on YouTube.

IV. Try not to stress about it

Traveling will always throw you out of your normal routine. The main goal is to not stress about it and just keep your body moving the best you can. Keep the workouts light and interesting and try not to get down on yourself if you end up just relaxing for a few days.

V. Set up outdoor excursions or explore

Whether you are traveling for work or for a vacation, you will be in new territory so there is always something to explore. If you are there for work and have any kind of break in the day, use the time to go for a walk and see the area around where you are staying. If it is residential, look into finding a way into a city and walk around. If you are on vacation, plan active excursions like hiking, bike or walking tours, snorkeling, etc.


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