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Hamstring Stretches

Oct 24, 2019

Hamstring stretches: Lying on your back on the ground with a band or folded bath towel wrapped around the ball of one foot. Keep one leg on the ground. Pull the toes of the leg you are stretching back first and with the knee completely straight,

To emphasize the hamstrings more than the calves, bend the knee.

Standing, one foot up on box, toes pointing towards the ceiling. Pull toes back. Maintain perfect posture and slowly lean forward into the leg you are stretching.

Standing, cross one leg over the other, “locking” the back knee.

With good posture, bend over slowly and hold the stretch.

Notes: Posture and relaxation are paramount while stretching. This is a PASSIVE exercise and does not require force. Slow, meditative breathing through the diaphragm and patience will allow you to benefit the most from your stretch routine.

3-4 sets of 1-2 minutes per stretch are optimal. Remember, we are working towards an INCREASE in permanent flexibility.

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