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Giving the Gift of Fitness: How to Do it Right

Dec 8, 2022

You love how working out and eating in a way that makes sense for your body makes you feel – and it makes sense that you’d want the people you love to enjoy the same benefits of a healthy lifestyle. Giving the gift of fitness makes sense, but it can be tough to figure out how to give your loved ones fitness and nutrition-oriented gifts without sending the wrong message.

Family Members Already Into Fitness? Give Gifts That Support Them.

This one is easy: if you know someone is into working out and you want to give them a fitness-related gift, strike up a conversation a few weeks before Christmas to chat about what workout gear they’d like to add to their stash. Mentioning a class, outfit, or piece of equipment you’re loving and seeing if their ears perk up can be a great way to put together some gift ideas.

A word of caution: stick with your loved one’s preferred workout when gifting them something fitness-related. If they’re into strength training and you’re into barre classes, giving them fitness-related items from a different genre of workout may make it seem like you don’t think they’re working out well. Think about giving them a gift that supports what they’re currently doing, rather than giving them a gift that suggests they should be doing something differently.

My Loved One Isn’t Into Working Out. Is It Ok To Give a Fitness Gift?

This is where things get tricky: when you see a loved one who you feel would hugely benefit from adopting a healthy lifestyle, but they haven’t shown interest in spending time in the gym, yoga studio, or out on the trail.

One of the best ways to get people in this category open to the idea of a fitness gift: talk about the benefits you’ve noticed from your own workout sessions. It’s smart to stay away from the aesthetic benefits of working out (someone who hasn’t worked out in years might take that as an attack on their own physique) and instead mention how great working out makes you feel.

Talking about the friendships you’ve forged with people in your classes can also help open up friends and family members to the idea of working out. When you make it clear that healthy movement is affecting your life in a positive way, gifting a loved one the equipment needed to join you can show that you believe in their ability to do what you’re doing, and that you’d like them by your side as you work to get healthier together.

Workout-Related Gifts For The Gym Guru In Your Life

If someone you love is already into working out, you likely already know the way they prefer to get their sweat on.

A few great ways to help your loved one keep up with their workout regimen:

  • Provide them with a free month of something they already love! If they work out with a personal trainer, reach out to the studio and cover their next month of sessions. If they love a particular workout class, call the studio and get them a gift card. This makes it easier for your loved one to keep up with the workout they’re already doing, and they’ll think of you each time they hit the gym.
  • Give the gift of workout tech. Providing them with the latest in workout technology (like a new Apple Watch® or FitBit® tracker) helps them get the stats on how hard they’re working.
  • Give a gift card for your loved one to an upscale fitness clothing boutique–the kind of store they’d never think to purchase gear in for themselves. This gives them the chance to get a great piece of clothing that will stand the test of time. This can be a better fit than purchasing a set of workout clothes (which runs the risk of choosing the wrong style or size).

Family Hasn’t Jumped On The Bandwagon Yet? Give the Gift of Encouragement

If your loved one has yet to jump on the fitness train, it can be a little bit tougher to figure out how to give the gift of movement. Don’t worry–we’ve got some ideas that should be well-received.

  • Give the gift of a Fitness Together® session–literally. Provide your loved one with a gift of a personal training session with you by their side so they can see exactly what you’re up to when you spend time in the gym. Having you nearby will help them feel less vulnerable, and when you provide the gift of a shared experience, you’re providing them with a chance to do something together.
  • Consider a healthy snack subscription box. Monthly boxes can be a fun way to try something new, and when you give the gift of healthy snacks, you’re opening your loved one up to new foods they may not have tried before. They’ll love the convenience you’re providing, and you’ll love knowing that you’re helping them sneak some extra nutrition into their days.
  • Try a new experience as a family. Gifting a few family members with a fun experience–like a Zumba® class or a zip-lining activity–can be a great way to get everyone moving. Pay attention to who talks about how great they feel after you got the chance to get moving together, and invite them to join you next time you hit the gym.

Don’t Forget To Walk The Walk.

When you’re working to get other people in your life into a healthy lifestyle, it’s important that you’re clear about why you love working out (other than the way it’s positively affected your appearance). Be sure to talk to your family about how working out makes you feel, the energy that you have, and how you look forward to getting your sweat on.

Talk about your body positively around your family–you want to help them see working out as something they get to do, not as something they have to do. Positivity is contagious, and when your family sees the positive changes in your mood and energy from hitting the gym, they’ll be more likely to follow suit.

Fitness Together: We’re Here To Help

At Fitness Together studios, personal trainers are there to work with you and your family to help you meet all your health and fitness goals. Whether you’re just getting started with working out, your family is taking on a healthy initiative for the new year, or you and your partner are ready to make some healthy changes, they’re here for you. Reach out to your local studio today to learn more about getting started.


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