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Winner: Best Gym or Fitness Center

Winner: Best Gym or Fitness Center

Richard Hosford

Fitness Together received 87 votes and beat out Planet Fitness, which also had a strong showing.

As one reader said "Fitness Together Burlington - LOVE! You'll find an incredible team of trainers who will not only get you fit and strong, but will support you nutritionally by teaching you how to eat for optimal health. Very motivating environment, and fun! Brendan (the managing and working owner) will work hard with you to make sure you get to where you want to be!"

Fitness Together managing owner Brendan Stapleton said he was happy with the vote.

"It feels great, I'm honored to win and be able to provide the town of Burlington and a quality service people are satisfied with. I want to thank everyone for their dedication and the constant good word and for taking the time to weigh in and let me know they're happy what I'm doing for them. I'm happy to being Burlington and I'm happy to win."

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