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Apr 25, 2013

No matter what moves you’re making, the SandBell moves right along with you. Working your core, challenging your muscles and pushing your stamina—simultaneously, and with one, mighty piece of sand-filled neoprene making it the ultimate sandbag training tool. Because the dynamic shifing sand weight can burn more calories with the same workout, SandBells have been featured as the perfect part of a weight loss fitness program by the Dr. Oz Show, Prevention Magazine, and Weight Watchers Magazine. It is also the best new piece of sports equipment in the PE Universe for school athletics or physical education.

Engineering this powerhouse of a workout product was no small task. The Hyperwear SandBell, at its most basic level, is the combination of strengths from some of the most popular pieces of fitness equipment. Its outer shell, made of tough, stretchy neoprene, contains a sand-filled core that can be easily emptied and filled using Hyperwear’s patent pending fill mechanism. The filling mechanism not only makes filling and emptying simple, but also saves you money. Purchase empty SandBells, fill them with your dry playsand and save on shipping. Use the SandBell in place of a medecine ball, D Ball, dumbell or kettle bell and prepare to work muscles you didn’t even know existed.

The active, shifting movement of the sand challenges stabilizing muscles in your core. When working out with the SandBell, you will engage hand and wrist gripping muscles that are typically not activated and strengthened. Another advantage of this product lies in its safety for you and your floors. A favorite alternative to dynamax, jerry can, sand bag, and d-balls for crossfit box WOD, outdoor bootcamps, military and football training equipment use. On a slick floor you can use SandBells for a variety of ab coaster and glide or sliding core exercises.


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