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Not for the Weak of Heart (or Body)

Aug 17, 2011

Most people’s fitness goals end at running a mile, a 5K race, or losing some weight. Not so with Nate Partridge, personal trainer at Fitness Together in Burlington. Nate’s goal is to compete in the Yorton Cup – basically the Super Bowl of Natural professional body builders.

It all started when he attended a competition in Ohio and got hooked on the sport. Since then it has been a labor of love to get where he is today and he feels he has only begun. Competition is the key element in this quest and it coincides with his belief in a healthy lifestyle and a sense of achievement.

It has been three years since that event in Ohio and he was recently awarded Pro-Status in body building through the International Fitness & Physique Association (IFPA). In doing so he has received his Pro-Card in recognition of reaching this goal. You think it is easy; Nate competed in seven amateur events, training 3 to 6 months for each event over those 3 years to reach this goal.

In order to become an "IFPA Pro" you must earn your IFPA Pro Card by first winning a regional amateur contest weight class. Nate did so in the 2011 OCB (Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders) Yankee Classic in Newburyport, MA.

Nate trains, as you would expect, on different equipment depending on the areas that need work. “The judges are very frank, sometimes too much so, about what I need to work on. They will tell you why you placed where you did in the competition; why someone came in ahead of you. That not only identifies where I must improve, but also gives me the incentive to work harder. “

Nate has been a trainer at Fitness Together in Burlington for a year and a half and likes to share his training secrets with clients. “No one I have met, so far, comes to Fitness Together to train the way I do, but I can certainly show my clients the proper and safe way to train and achieve whatever goals they have set.”

Nate’s routine changes depending on whether or not he is training for a show. Here is a brief rundown of his weekly regimen for competition preparation.

Daily: One hundred floor crunches and 100 lying hyperextensions before cardio training.

Monday: Quadriceps/hamstrings/calves with 20 minutes of low intensity steady state cardio*

Tuesday: Chest/arms with 25 minutes high intensity interval training and 15 intervals on the Stepmill

Wednesday: Back and deltoids with 25 minutes high intensity interval training and 15 intervals on the Stepmill

Thursday: Abdominals with 45-60 minutes middle intensity steady state cardio on the Stepmill

Friday: Quadriceps/hamstrings/calves with 20 minutes low intensity steady state cardio

Saturday: Chest/back with 25 minutes high intensity interval training with about 15 intervals on the Stepmill

Sunday: Rest

Each weight training session is about 45-50 minutes with 5 minutes of stretching afterwards.

On to the Pros

The next stop for Nate is to compete in a professional event – his first. He expects to be training for 12 to 18 months to get ready. He will work on the areas mentioned by the judges, listen to his nutrition coach, and stay away from Krispy Kremes. He is shooting for the Gaspari Nutrition Pro Classic to be held at Cape Cod Community College in October 2012 – over a year away.

*walking on a treadmill at 3 mph with a 3.0 incline

Photo caption: Nate Partridge winning his last amateur completion and earning his Pro Card at the 2011 OCB Yankee Classic, July 30, in Newburyport, MA.


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