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Nike Fuel Band Vs. Polar HR Monitor

Jul 16, 2013

I am a big exercise and fitness guy, and these new devices that track calories, fuel etc, really fire me up! They help motivate, keep you on track, and get you moving that much more each day because of the constant reminder on your wrist. I own the Nike Fuel band which tracks your daily Fuel through movement, steps, calories, and is a cool looking piece which also tells time! I am a bracelet junky so this device is right in my wheelhouse! The question is however how does it stand up in accuracy vs. a classic Polar Heart Rate monitor? I was recently chosen to compete in a Calorie burning challenge by the guys over at the Tech Side of Fit, using my Nike Fuel Band. I have to be honest with you, with the way that I train, and what I do as a fitness coach each day there was no doubt that I would smoke the competition. I could not have been more wrong. My competitors have the Jawbone another wrist wearing apparatus that tracks movement, calories etc…. I found myself putting more time in than usual with my Fuel Band but the numbers just weren’t adding up to how HARD I was working. I put it to a test of accuracy by wearing my Polar HR monitor which measures calories expended based upon the intensity of the work that I do vs. my Fuel Band device. Here are the results of some 1:00 tests I conducted.

1 Minute Burpees- Fuel Band 10 Calories, HR Monitor –16

Pushups – (62 reps) Fuel Band 1 Calorie, not a TYPO , YIKES HR Monitor- 11

1 minute sprint- Fuel Band 18 HR Monitor-32

1 Minute Weighted Squats 44lb KB Fuel Band- 8 HR Monitor -19

1 Minute Chin Ups (32 reps)– Fuel Band – 3 OUCH HR Monitor- 13

Jump Rope Rocky Style – Fuel Band 15, HR Monitor – 15 a Push

As you can see from those results above, in order to really track how many calories you are burning each day the classic HR Monitor wins every time. There are several devices out there that do this great, the fuel band and some other trackers although are great for motivating, tracking steps, movement etc. simply don’t cut it. If these Fuel Band numbers were accurate and I was only burning 1800-2500 calories a day, I would be gaining weight at an alarming weight because I consume close to 3000 calories each day. So if you are looking for an extra motivator or something to keep you aware of how much you move each day the Fuel Band may be for you. However if you want accuracy for calories earned and burned then the classic HR Monitor or UnderArmour39 is the choice for you. Either way stand up, MOVE, and GET AFTER IT!!!


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