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Oct 27, 2011

Linda N.



I started going to Fitness together in August of 2010. I won a trial session at a fundraiser for the Burlington Facility. Little did I know, I not only won 3 free sessions but won my healthy life back. I have never been a workout person but have always been active. I was fit most of my life. I continue to get up and go but life, 2 kids and a busy job were my "Excuse to pack on a few pounds" I was excited to get started at the gym. However, I was very concerned with lifting weights and doing a one on one training session. I worried my lack of experience would make me feel uncomfortable and look foolish. Just the opposite happened. I started my first session by saying "I have no idea what I'm doing" The sincere response I got from my new trainer was something on the lines of "It's ok because we do know what we are doing". That was just what I needed to hear. A bad back and lack of experience did not hold me back. I've lost 25 pounds and Like Brendan (The owner and one of my trainers) says it is finding your path to a healthier you. It's been a Journey. I'm still enjoying it every week. I am close to my goal weight and can not imagine going back to the way I was just 9 months ago. People have commented on my new looks and I know I look better because I feel better inside and out. I say if you are thinking about it make the call.



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