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Summer Workout Strategies

Jun 29, 2014

1. Commitment not Schedule. Don't get flustered because you can't keep a routine. Exercise when you can. You don't always have to workout at your preferred time. If you are able to exercise vigorously 10-12 times over any month, at any time during the day, you will stay on track.

2. Your Body is a Weight. Maybe too much so, but again, you are working on that. You don't need a gym to workout. Resistance training can be done without equipment, using your own bodyweight to get a very effective workout. I have a full body plan on our homepage ready for you to download.

3. Eat Breakfast. Huh? In many ways, your diet is as important as exercise and for many people, equally as challenging. If you start each vacation day with a full, well balanced breakfast within 1 hour of waking, you will feel more energetic and thus, become more active. Coffee may wake up your mind, but food wakes up your body.

It's a vacation; you are supposed to have fun and shouldn't feel guilty because you are off schedule. Vacation is part of a healthy lifestyle. But, the fun doesn't have to lead to setbacks if you execute these simple strategies.


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