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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

Team FT
Lauren and Rebecca *

American Odyssey Relay 2013

Team FT ran 200 miles for wounded veterans. Beginning on Friday at 730 AM, the team composed of 12 trainers and clients ran from Gettysburg to DC to challenge themselves and raise money for wounded veterans through Team Red, White, and Blue. To read more about the charity, please visit our Partners page.

Congratulations goes out to Lauren, Rebecca, Patty, Mike, Manny, Audrey, Robin, Francis, Nery, Jason, Meredith, Rob, Chris for completing the American Odyssey Relay challenge.

Rita M

8 year client

Robin is the ‘gold standard’ of fitness professionals. Her knowledge and expertise in the areas of health, wellness, and personal and group training, coupled with her dynamic personality, are what empowered me to make major mind-body changes. Today, thanks to Robin and Fitness Together, I have lost 70+ lbs, and have dropped five dress sizes.* I feel fit and healthy for the first time in a very long time. I am enormously grateful to Robin for being the catalyst that I needed; I could not have done it without her encouragement.

Deborah B

Great Jeans Challenge 2012 winner. Congratulations!

After *

Lauren Y

Great Jeans Challenge 2012 winner. Congratulations!

After *


Fitness Together has changed my life. After 15 years of struggling to lose weight following 2 pregnancies, I almost gave up trying before finding Fitness Together in February 2009. I was too embarrassed and intimidated by the thought of going to a gym, so the one-on-one personal attention and privacy offered by Fitness Together made it the perfect setting for me. Rick and his team of top notch fitness professionals really know what they are doing. In the last 6 months I've lost 50 lbs and 36 inches.* It wasn't easy, but I did exactly what Rick, Stacy (nutrition consultant) and Mike (my trainer) told me to do and it worked! The best part is that I now love exercise and I my whole outlook on life has changed. My health and fitness have never been better. I have more energy than I've had in years.

I am now within 10 pounds of my goal weight and I am no longer intimidated by larger gyms. Thank you Fitness Together for not only helping me lose weight but for teaching me the skills I need for lifelong health and fitness.

After *

Chris M

After Five months of rededicating myself to get into better shape…Only two more weeks before I’m ready to go out on my own. I can’t say enough about my experience with my good friends a Fitness Together. Owner Rick Coe and his staff are first class trainers who delivered on their mission statement. One client, One trainer and One goal.

August 1st 2009 I walked in weighing 234 pounds today I’m down to 206.* With more work to do I can now go out on my own with a clear goal of keeping the weight off by doing three things I learn from FT.

• Resistance training
• A cardiovascular routine
• Proper nutrition guidelines

Now to be honest the third one is still a work in progress but without a shadow of a doubt I can keep the weight off.

You might be asking how has my life changed since going to Fitness Together? Good question since I started my resting heart rate is back to normal, my blood pressure was off the charts now it’s manageable. My energy level has improved to the point I can run around with my kids like I did in my late 20’s and early 30’s.

I’ve even noticed a difference in my work performance as well. While for years I just ate and lack working out trying to improve my career. Now I realize my health is the most important thing to improve my life and career.

You could say this is my love letter to Fitness Together for what they did for me in just six months. I would strongly recommend them to anyone trying to get back on track in the food and health aspect of your life.

In closing if you’re a fan of getting the most out of your body while enjoying life to the fullest. Fitness Together is the place to be. Thanks Guys for ultimately saving my life.

Forever Thankful

Michelle A

I want to take a moment to thank you. What you offer at Fitness Together truly changed my life and made a big difference as I dealt with my father's situation. I started at FT in May '08 and since then, I have only had two weeks when I did not workout at least four times a week. A good week for me is still 3 strength and 4 cardio but a typical week is usually 3 and 3.

I have maintained the 20 pounds I lost since last Dec.* All of my numbers (cholesterol, a1c, blood pressure, bmi) are in the good/healthy/normal range.* I took everything you all taught me, both exercise and nutrition-wise, to heart. My father's condition was stressful, plus I changed jobs. But the workouts were a great mental escape and eating right helped me to keep my energy and stay healthy through it all.

Every chance I get, I tell people what a difference Fitness Together made in my life. I also tell them how lucky I was to work with trainers that I liked, which is a testament to your hiring. I can still hear Reggie telling me "Don't stop, if you do, I'll just make you do more reps" and I can still hear Mike saying "come on Michelle your almost there".

I make it clear, it was no gimmicks... and it wasn't easy... but it all made sense.

Thank you!

Debra S

No question, Fitness Together has already in a few short weeks, changed my life for the better in terms of cardio and muscle toning, nutritional habits, an an understanding of muscle groups and how they are affected by the improvements I'm making physically and nutritionally. The depth and breadth of care, alertness to my needs, and professionalism of Fitness Together's trainers is incomparable to any previous gym or training experience I've had --- second to none! Thank you, Fitness Together!

Matt S

Fitness Together really works! I'm a 33 year old male that thought I was in ok shape and was taking care of myself. Several years back my doctor provided me with a blood test report that showed a total cholesterol of 205 and elevated liver enzymes. This with a family history of heart disease showed me that I needed to do something. I changed my diet and began to workout on my own with little success. I met Rick through a business function. After being invited to see his facility I signed up. After 3 months I have lost weight and have increased my strength and overall energy. My cholesterol is down 40 points and most importantly my girlfriend loves my new body!* I highly recommend Fitness Together. Their personalized training program is exactly what I needed.

Evan L

If someone had told me, that at the age of 68, I’d be at my ideal weight (168), gain muscle mass, and reduce the amount of insulin (I’m a Type II diabetic) I’d take, I’d say this person was nuts.* For those of you who monitor their blood chemistries, I’m proud to say my Hemoglobin H1C is now below 7.*

Getting to this point was no walk-in-the-woods. I had to change my lifestyle. I know this sounds like a cliché but gradually I went from leading a sedentary life to working out at least twice a week. I went from eating every wrong food and skipping meals to eating healthy. I went from depending on my medications to make me better to reducing the amount of medication with no side effects.

I couldn’t do it alone. My wife, Gail supported everything I did. The trainers at Fitness Together understood my limits but still pushed me to ‘get in shape.’ Over time, I found myself being able to lift heavier weights for a longer time, get less winded and coming out of workouts exhilarated. Working out at Fitness Together is now an integral part of my life.

Jun 2007
Nov 2007 *

Lisa D

Theresa T

When I first came to you, I had worked out in over a year. I was unhappy with the way my body looked and felt. I wanted my energy back so I could keep up with my two small children. My goal was to tone my body, increase my flexibility, and improve my cardiovascular system.

Little did I know that a year and a half later my body would be completely changed! I looked in the mirror and cannot believe what I saw. There is now definition in my arms, abs, and lower body. I look better now than before I had children! Working out with you has had such a positive impact on my life. My cardiovascular system and flexibility have improved greatly as has my overall health. People that have not seen me in a couple of years are shocked at the transformation in my body. My husband and friends were so impressed with how much you transformed my body that they are now working out at Fitness Together, too.