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FT Bethesda Introduces Metabolic Assessments to Clients

Feb 21, 2016

No longer is metabolic testing confined to labs or nutritionists' offices. Fitness Together now offers the service for its clients. Knowing your resting metabolic rate is the foundation for targeting successful nutrition goals. You will never reach your weight goals if you don't know how many calories your body needs everyday.

How does it work? The test is easy to prepare for and easy to take. Simply fast for 4 hours and rest at least 12 hours following vigorous exercise in order to accurately measure your resting metabolism. At the studio, you will simply breathe normally into a small device for approximately 60 seconds. Viola! Once you know your number, the FT staff will help you plan your meals so you can eat for success.

"Your metabolism is dependent on many factors: eating habits, body composition, exercise, and genetics. Our coaches can impact 3 of those components once we know how slow or fast your caloric burn rate is," claims Rick Coe, owner of Fitness Together in Bethesda. "There are a lot of ways to calculate a persons daily caloric needs. But the bottom line is all the calculations are sophisticated guesses. An individual's true metabolic rate does not regress to the mean. If you test for your actual rate you will be better informed and hence more likely to achieve your goals."

"We started working with clients using the Breezing device in May but have already seen some dramatic discrepancies in test results compared to what we might calculate using standard formulas. It's remarkable to be able to measure the the impact of strength training and balanced nutrition on the body's resting metabolic rate."

Metabolic testing and nutrition coaching is part of the program for Fitness Together clients. If you are not a client but would like to setup an appointment for a nutrition consultation including a metabolic test, contact Robin Coe at or at 301-656-3904.


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