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Fitness Together Completes AOR 6 and Raises $7000 for Vets!

May 6, 2014

What a tremendous weekend! 22 runners, 200 miles, 2 days! Thank you to all that participated.
This weekend was truly inspiring for me. Our route took us through Civil War battlefields, down the historic C&O, and by the scenic monuments of our nation's capital. For the most part, we had great weather for a run.
But the course wasn't what inspired me most. What truly inspired me was the participation of our teams. The course was challenging enough, but both teams ran without a full complement of runners and we completed the course on time without skipping routes or whining in the process. Of the 22 runners we fielded, 11 ran this course for the first time.
We had 9 runners over 40 years of age including 2 over 60! We had runners from Rhode Island and Chicago, military service members, veterans, siblings, couples, and parents with their children. We weathered a rain shower, sleep deprivation, and cramped rides in the FT mobiles. And when the last person crossed the finish line at the waterfront in DC, we ran in together with mutual feeling of accomplishment and pride. It was truly a great experience.
In the process of challenging ourselves, we raised awareness for our country's veterans who still have significant emotional and medical battles to fight. We have raised nearly $7000 for Team RWB and hope to raise more.
Congratulations to everyone that ran and a big thank you to those that supported our running and fundraising efforts. I'd also like to extend a special thank you to the race volunteers Megan, Emma, Maureen, Debrah, and Ellen for helping making this race possible for all 127 teams.
If you would like to see pics of our teams on the course, please visit our Facebook page. We will be loading lots of pics over the coming week.


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