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Tis the Season to Be Jolly and FIT

Sep 22, 2010

Tis the Season to Be Jolly and FIT

While the holidays can be a joyous time of the year, they can also be disastrous for our fitness and healthy eating routines. ¢Tis the season for shopping, cookie baking, decorating, and parties—lots of parties with rich food everywhere. Do you ever wonder why some people manage to stay vibrant, happy, and fit over the holidays, appearing to let holiday stress roll off them like the rooftop icing on the gingerbread cake? You can be one of these holiday fitness success stories, too. Here are some simple tips to add sparkle to your holiday cheer by giving yourself the gift of health this season.

Three Tips for Sticking to Your Fitness Routine

During this oh so hectic time of year, a personal trainer can be very supportive. You can make a contract with a trainer to plan and be accountable for your fitness routine using a triple-pronged approach: daily cardio; strength training at least three days a week; and eating healthy, eating light, and eating often. Let’s take a closer look at the three pieces of a good fitness routine and see how you can work them into your holiday schedule.

1. Daily cardio. Set a regular time every day to get those sneakers on and get out there and move a little! No marathons required. Just a thirty-minute dog walk, a few flights of stairs, or an extra few loops around the shopping mall will make a huge difference in balancing out your calories and shaving off stress. Your daily cardio will also give you energy, which will help keep your holiday demeanor bright.

2. Strength workouts. If sticking to your regular workout regimen during the holidays seems daunting, think of it this way: Carving out that time for you, and just for you, will not only help keep you healthy and fit but bring back routine into a time of year that lacks routine—often with negative health consequences. By making a commitment to keep your fitness up, you can benefit both physically and mentally. Impress your family and friends by looking and feeling your best this holiday as a direct result of maintaining your workout regimen and staying accountable to your trainer.

3. Nutrition. The holidays are not a good time to try and lose weight! A much more realistic goal is to simply maintain your fitness level and body weight. You can accomplish this goal by planning ahead to enjoy small portions of your favorite holiday treats while eating healthy and light most of the time. Balance out those extra calories by maintaining your daily cardio and strength workouts so that you can partake in the holiday festivities without any deprivation.

Make a plan to stay accountable during this “dangerous” six-week time period and when the New Year rolls around, you’ll have given yourself and your family the gift of staying vibrant, happy, and fit over the holidays, which is ultimately the best gift of all—the gift of good health!

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