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Virtual Training Is Here!!

Jun 26, 2020

We are now offering Virtual Training! Now you can workout from home with your own equipment or take your trainer on the road as you travel for work or vacation. No more excuses, now ANYTIME is the RIGHT TIME to get a workout in! NO MORE EXCUSES! Our expert personal trainers will sync up with you via a one-on-one video consultation to discuss your workout space and any...

Why it’s So Important to Proactively Take Care of Your Health

Jan 18, 2021

What is the goal of Preventative Healthcare? The Aim is to be as strong and healthy as possible moment to moment as part of our everyday lifestyle. That way, when the inevitable happens, be it an injury or illness, we have the foundation to deal with it. We can move through health issues more easily and recover more quickly if we’re healthy from the beginning. In other words, we can proactively take control of our health no matter where we are on our journey.

The Secret to Improving your Health One Step at a Time

Jan 11, 2021

No matter your age, history with fitness, starting points, or physical ability or limitation, it's never too late to start on your path to improved health.

COVID19 Schedule to Continue

Sep 1, 2020

Due to the continued unknown circumstances surrounding COVID19 and for the ability of all of our clients and staff to plan accordingly, we have decided to continue our current schedule through the end of the year. If you are currently scheduled in a recurring appointment time slot there is no need to do anything, we've already extended all appointments. If you are going back...

New COVID-19 Procedures

Jun 27, 2020

At Fitness Together we have always taken your health and safety seriously and the COVID19 Pandemic will be no exception. We have changed various policies, including cleaning procedures, schedules and implementing CDC guidelines.

What Else Impacts Your Fitness Besides Diet & Exercise?

Mar 11, 2020

Besides exercise and diet, what are the other important factors to consider when it comes to overall health and wellness?

How To Make Fitness Part Of Your Routine

Mar 4, 2020

Many people have very busy lives, but there is always time to fit at the very least a 20-30 minute workout into your busy life. We have many clients who work 70-80 hours a week and still manage to come in 3-4 times a week, simply, because they schedule it.

Reasons Why One-on-One Personal Training is Better

Feb 19, 2020

How many times have you set your fitness goals to start living a healthier lifestyle, to just see it all fall through quickly and without a fight? Don’t worry, you’re not alone! This happens to most people and more often than you think. Everyone needs a little accountability to accomplish their fitness goals. That’s where a personal trainer comes in; they’ll help you stay on track to meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Nutrition Tips for Before and After your Workout

Feb 12, 2020

When you’re involved in an exercise program, it’s easy to laser-point focus on the cardio, strength-training and stretching activities. You watch, hawk-like, the effects your efforts have on your waistline, scale numbers, and muscle definition. In doing so, you can sometimes gloss over exercise’s crucial cousins, pre- and post-workout nutrition.

Why Cardio and Strength Training Go Together

Feb 5, 2020

Utilizing only one type of exercise is like eating your sandwich with only peanut butter, or only jelly. It’s possible, but seems a little incomplete. A strong regimen of both aerobic exercise and strengthening will allow your body and mind to be the very healthiest they can be.

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