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Congrats Avery!!

Jul 28, 2015

A little over a year ago I had the pleasure of meeting Avery, she came to me to change her lifestyle. She wanted to improve her health and lose weight like most of our clients. She started out as most clients do, coming in for her regularly scheduled FT workouts but didn’t really have much dialed in in terms of nutrition. It was then she asked if I had some time to sit down and discuss nutrition with her. Naturally, I said “yes,” nutrition is my very favorite part of the entire process.


We spoke for roughly an hour going over various topics. Essentially, she just asked questions until she felt comfortable on the topic. She decided to stick with Weight Watchers and incorporate the idea, “No Carbs after 3PM.” I’ve long felt unless you are working out late at night your body simply doesn’t need the long term energy that carbohydrates provide when you are getting ready to go home for the day and more than likely just relaxing. As much as we’d like to think, we don’t need a whole lot of energy to watch TV, play games or read.

Avery has now lost 75lbs*. and looks terrific!! The best part is, she’s not satisfied yet! She wants to continue to push her body and her mind (after all 90% of this whole process is wrapping your mind around the idea of this new lifestyle). It has been a privilege to watch her mold herself into this new lifestyle she has been chasing. It is these moments that make leaving the corporate world behind so worth it. I want to thank her for believing in the process and continuing to fight even when things got tough and I very much look forward to watching her continue to set new goals and push herself further and further!!

75lbs Later


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