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Big Up's to Bruce White for losing 12lbs & 3.3% Bodyfat!!

May 19, 2015

4 or 5 weeks ago I received a nutrition log from Bruce, there seemed to be some sort of disconnect in terms of what we were communicating as "Eating Healthy." After I analyzed his nutrition log I went back and wrote him a meal plan so we could dial in every meal and be on the same page when discussing what to eat, when to eat and how much he should be eating.

I handed this nutrition plan to Bruce about 3 weeks ago, I told him if he follows it to a T and continues to put the work in at the gym (which he always has) he would see great results. By the end of the week he had lost 6 lbs.* We are now 3 weeks into this meal plan and Bruce is down 12 lbs and 3.3% body fat.*

The purpose of this blog is to (1.) Thank Bruce for listening and believing that I know what I am talking about. Also, for making the job so rewarding. (2.) To show you and all our clients that you can achieve great things when you go all in.

Remember, as important as exercise is, when it comes to weight-loss 70% of the battle is with nutrition. You can only burn so many calories per workout. Unfortunately, it is much easier to put the calories on than take them off.

If any of our clients would like a copy of this nutrition plan, please contact me at as i would love to get you on board and see what kind of results you are able to achieve when you go all in!!


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