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(4) Whole Grain Wild Rice vs (5) Egg Whites

Mar 11, 2016

Tale of the Tape:

Whole Grain Wild Rice (1 Cup): 1g Fat, 35g Carb, 4g Protein

Egg Whites (1 Cup): 0g Fat, 2g Carb, 26g Protein

One of the biggest problems with doing a "nutritional bracket," is comparing apples to oranges. This would make a fairly decent meal, although it would lack the fat that is needed for a balanced meal. Contrary to popular belief, fat is not "the devil." In fact, it is very important. Fat is what carries the carbs and proteins through the blood stream so they can get to where the need to be to build/rebuild what needs to be built/rebuilt. But I digress.

We are going to have to compare these on the following terms, Is Whole Grain Wild Rice a better carb than Egg Whites are a better protein. Both of these are very good at what they do. And it is almost a pick 'em. However, some trainers truly believe in eating the whole egg versus just the whites. Myself and Sarah fall into that mix. i can count on 1 hand how many times I've eaten Egg Whites, whereas, Whole Grain Wild Rice I eat more frequently.

If someone were to start basing a meal around Whole Grain Wild Rice, they could easily add a green vegetable and a meat and have a very solid meal. Seeing as I would always choose the Egg over the Egg White and I would choose the Whole Grain Rice to go up against any other carb, the Whole Grain Wild Rice wins but it is very close.

So another match, another expected outcome.

Verdict: (4) Whole Grain Wild Rice defeats (5) Egg Whites

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