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(4) Quinoa vs (8) Peas

Apr 4, 2016

Tale of the Tape

Quinoa (1 Cup): 4g Fat, 39g Carbs, 8g Protein

Peas (1 Cup): 0.5g Fat, 21g Carbs, 8g Protein

Pretty clear observation, but the Peas are leaner and present with less Carbs than the Quinoa. If we were ever in a situation where we NEEDED 40g Carbs, we could just have 2 Cups of Peas and then we’d get 16g of Protein still have 25% of the Fat. Remember, this in no way is stating that Quinoa is bad. It’s just on the macronutrient level Peas have the edge.

Quinoa DOES serve as a complete protein though as it has adequate amounts of all amino acids which is hard to come by in non-animal Proteins. If this were a bracket solely based on vegan diets, Quinoa would probably get the nod just because it is so hard to find complete Proteins in vegan diets especially from a single food source.

Both have anti-inflammatory properties, however, Peas also have antioxidants, promote heart health, and protect against stomach cancer.

My eyes have been opened to the beauty that is Peas. A food that barely got into the field has been winning and in my opinion walking away with it in each match so far, and more so than any other food in our bracket.

Verdict: (8) Peas defeats (4) Quinoa

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