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(2) Broccoli vs (8) Peas

Apr 14, 2016

Tale of the Tape

Broccoli (1 Cup Chopped): 0.5g Fat, 6g Carbs, 2.5g Protein

Peas (1 Cup): 0.5g Fat, 21g Carbs, 8g Protein

This one is a heck of a match up. Both vegetables, both super high in micronutrients, both low on the glycemic index, both have a multitude of health benefits; let’s see whose got what it takes to make it to the finals!

Broccoli comes in with a solid macronutrient ratio but compared to Peas it has less Protein, More Carbs and Fats (We are really splitting hairs here). Broccoli has more micronutrients overall AND higher volumes of most of them, boosting 245% of your vitamin K and 130% of your vitamin C, clearly winning in this department.

Both have antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory benefits but Broccoli also helps prevent the big C-word, cancer, and also helps with skin and eye health. Broccoli is also lower on the glycemic index.

If you remember when Peas took on Spinach, Spinach had just edged out Peas in every category but the macronutrients which is the most important. In this case, we have Broccoli edging out Peas in every category but macronutrients as well, however, this time the edge Peas holds in this category is so low it can’t trump all Broccoli’s other benefits.

So with that Broccoli ends Peas magically run and wins by the smallest of margins.

Verdict: (2) Broccoli defeats (8) Peas

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