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(1) Greek Yogurt vs (8) Blueberries

Mar 15, 2016

Tale of the Tape:

Greek Yogurt (1 container, 170g): 1g Fat, 6g Carbs (6g Sugar), 17g Protein

Blueberries (1 cup): 0g Fat, 21g Carb (15g Sugar), 1g Protein

Interesting battle. In terms of micro-nutrients, neither does much to separate from the other, although blueberries do carry antioxidants which is a molecule that inhibits the oxidation of other molecules thus it terminates chain reactions that can lead to damage cells.

That being said Greek Yogurt boosts some solid protein, is easy to eat and has a lot less sugar than blueberries. Generally, I stay away from fruits as they tend to pack to many sugars (even if you choose to eat them, you should refrain from eating them after 10-11 AM) and while blueberries have less than most fruits and would probably beat any other fruit, Greek Yogurt is the perfect snack for any time of day and thus is our winner.

Verdict: (1) Greek Yogurt vs (8) Blueberries

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