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(1) Chicken Breast vs (8) Kale

Mar 23, 2016

Tale of the Tape:

Chicken Breast (3 oz): 3g Fat, 0g Carbs, 26g Protein

Kale (1 Cup): 0.5g Fat, 6g Carbs, 3g Protein

This would make an awesome salad for a mid day or evening meal, throw in a couple other low calorie foods we've covered and you'd have a very solid meal, chalk filled with micro nutrients.

Chicken Breast is the ultimate in lean protein, it is sold almost everywhere and seeing as we may or may not be able to get certain fish dishes at certain locations it makes recommending Chicken Breast very easy for trainers and nutrition experts alike. If we go by my "Protein should be at least double the Fat" theory, Chicken Breast is almost 9 times the Protein to the Fat. On top of that in my days as a trainer only very few people have expressed dislike for it, again making it an easy/safe option anywhere you go.

Kale makes for one heck of a green leafy vegetable. It has a great Protein to Carb ratio. Some people even like to MAKE Kale Chips because they can be a healthier alternative for someone who may have a chip addiction ;P Notice how I STRESS "MAKE," a lot of the pre-packaged stuff you can find at the store will use something healthy, like Kale and cover it in oil, salt and sugar just to make it taste that much better so if you are to buy pre-packages Kale Chips please do your do diligence.

In terms of micro nutrients Kale is excellent, having over 100% of your daily intake of Vitamin A & C, as well as, small amounts of other micro nutrients. Chicken Breast does have 40% of your Vitamin B-6 but not much else to write about.

For our purposes, and the fact that Chicken Breast is well liked, extremely great protein and can be found just about everywhere...I am going with Chicken Breast but again this would make for a great super-healthy salad.

Verdict: (1) Chicken Breast defeats (8) Kale

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