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(1) Chicken Breast vs (2) Oatmeal

Apr 13, 2016

Tale of the Tape

Chicken Breast (3 oz): 3g Fat, 0g Carbs, 26g Protein

Oatmeal (1 Cup): 3g Fat, 27g Carbs, 6g Protein

So, I’m pretty sure you’ve never heard any nutritionist or trainer ever say, “Stop eating Chicken Breast or Oatmeal.” Both of these foods serve very different purposes but are so very good for you. Continue to get plenty of each in your diet!

Chicken Breast is very lean, and for a meat is a pretty good source of micronutrients with its hallmark being it is loaded with niacin, phosphorus, vitamin B-6 and has 84% of your daily potassium. Banana lovers beware; Chicken Breast has half the potassium of a banana and has no sugar! Of course being that it is an animal source it is a complete Protein.

Oatmeal does have more micronutrients but is really only a powerhouse in 2. It has been shown to lower cholesterol, and help prevent cardiovascular disease. Oatmeal’s macronutrient ratio is pretty close to being spot on, the only problem is it is very high in Carbs, with 67% of its calories coming from Carbs thus it shouldn’t be eaten alone, much like the Chicken. Chicken just tends to be on the other end of the spectrum with it needing more Carbs to be a complete meal. The Protein within Oatmeal is also not complete, as it lacks certain amino acids

Eat BOTH of these foods and frequently! They are both very good but…wait for it…don’t eat the Oatmeal later in the day as it is too much of a load for your body to process as it prepares to go to bed. Chicken on the other hand can be eaten for both breakfast and dinner. And with that Chicken Breast will be the ONLY Protein to crack the round of 4!! I know, it’s a shame it has to be so nitpicky but honestly, go eat both!!

Verdict: (1) Chicken Breast defeats (2) Oatmeal

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