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Four Foods You Never Thought To Eat For Breakfast

Posted: 04/17/2014

Mom was right when she said that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. After all, breakfast means “breaking the fast,” starting your day after a night of not eating with the energy and nutrition you need.  A healthy breakfast can help you concentrate better, give you strength and even help you to maintain a healthy weight.One important tip: Adding...

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What Foods Are Healthier Than I Probably Think They Are?

Posted: 04/16/2014

Matt GriffithFT Spokane"Red meat is losing its stigma as a contributor to heart disease and expanding waistlines, as long as it is consumed in moderation and you're picking the lean cuts. New studies have shown that saturated fat, in moderation, may not be as bad as originally thought. Another study shows that the conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) found mostly...

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Eating Organic: Does It Really Matter?

Posted: 04/10/2014

Organic labels are populating every aisle of the grocery store these days, making options to eat chemically free a lot more available than they used to be. But with so many organic options out there, it’s important to consider what eating organic actually means and when it’s more advisable to pick organic foods over traditional options.To help streamline your grocery...

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What Are Some Healthy Options For Packing A Lunch To Take To Work?

Posted: 04/09/2014

Dr. Janet BrillFT Nutritionist"Think variety and color when packing a healthy lunch."Start with calcium-rich food such as fat-free yogurt, cheese sticks, fat-free milk or a dairy alternative."Add a sandwich on whole wheat bread or a whole grain pita filled with lean protein like turkey breast or hummus and veggies such as shredded carrots, dark leafy greens, and tomatoes...

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How To Eat Healthy When On The Road

Posted: 04/07/2014

When you hit the road for a personal or business trip, you often can run into major roadblocks in eating healthy and staying the course when it comes to nutrition. Before your next trip, pack the following tips with you so that you can successfully navigate your nutrition options whether you’re flying, road tripping or traveling for business meetings.Start with a Strategy...

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What's The Most Foolish Diet You've Ever Seen?

Posted: 04/02/2014

Bruce KellyFT Media"Anything that claims it is a "diet" is by definition fraudulent. A meta-analysis of the most popular diets showed that not one of them was statistically significantly better in terms of either weight loss or improvement in blood profiles. The difference-maker is consistency -- holding to it.  Just like exercise and movement!"Sue TeoliFT New...

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More Than Just Clothes: Colors, Styles Motivate And Communicate

Posted: 03/27/2014

The way you dress and the way your clothes fit on you can say a lot about how you feel about yourself, the image you’re trying to portray and if you’re realizing the results you want from your current exercise program. As you box up your bulky winter wear and start pulling out skimpier spring attire this time of year, you can really get a sense about whether your...

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What Are Some Good Calorie-Burning Activities That Aren't Necessarily Thought Of As Exercise?

Posted: 03/26/2014

Billy BeyerFT Basking Ridge"Dancing is one activity that burns a great deal of calories that isn't necessarily thought of as exercise. It gets your heart rate up, gets rid of unneeded body fat, and helps build muscle."Dancing uses a wide variety of motions that engage a variety of muscles. The number of calories burned depends on what kind of dance you are doing. From hip hop...

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Spring Training: Start Preparing Today for Your Summer Sports League

Posted: 03/20/2014

As major league baseball players are wrapping up their Spring Training programs in Arizona and Florida this month, it’s time for you to dust off your equipment and get your bats cracking to prepare for your favorite summer team sport.To hit a grand slam this season, load the bases with the following team sports preparation tips.Hit a Line-Drive Single by Combining...

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Should I Be More Concerned About Fat Or Sugar In My Diet?

Posted: 03/19/2014

Logan GeorgeFT Maple Grove"Both fat and sugar in excessive amounts can cause some serious health problems, which we have seen more and more of in our modern age. A proper diet should include both fats and sugars in moderation and with selection of the right types of nutrient sources. Nuts, seeds, and fish are good examples of fats. For sugars you can never go wrong with fresh...

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