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What's The Big Deal About Gluten?

Posted: 08/07/2014

Are you curious about the gluten-free movement that has captured the nation? An amazing thirty percent of the American public has or is trying to cut back on gluten intake, so obviously this is a popular nutrition topic. If you are considering going gluten-free, here are a few facts that can help you decide if this dietary strategy is for you:   What is gluten? Gluten is...

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Aren't Personal Trainers Just For Beginners?

Posted: 08/06/2014

  Bryan Milliard, Fitness Together Edina Everyone needs a personal trainer.  Personal trainers can be very beneficial for beginners when it comes to safety and proper technique, however trainers are beneficial for much more than that.   To be honest, even personal trainers need a trainer sometimes.  Personal trainers are...

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How Can I Get Protein On A Vegan Diet?

Posted: 07/29/2014

Dr Janet Brill - Nutrition & Fitness ExpertIt’s easy to get in enough protein on a vegan diet. Legumes, grains, soy and meat analogues, such as textured vegetable protein (TVP) and nuts, all provide ample amounts of protein. And when eating out, do your homework and call the restaurant ahead of time to ensure that they serve animal-free, vegan-friendly dishes. Vegetable...

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What Are Your Bad Habits Costing You?

Posted: 07/24/2014

Fitness Freedom: The Cost of Bad Health HabitsFrom candy jars on your co-worker’s desk to happy hour cocktails, missed workouts and lack of sleep due to juggling stressful situations, bad health habits are easy to come by. Each one in its own instance isn’t so bad, but when they pile on top of each other, you quickly can find yourself in a vicious cycle of unhealthy...

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How Can I Make Fitness A Part Of My Routine?

Posted: 07/22/2014

Brian Winters - Manager at FT Des Peres, MOTwo things that I think are the biggest to making fitness a routine is mindset and scheduling. If you don't have the mindset to want to improve fitness or maintain it then it simply will not happen. Find your motivation and use it to its full advantage! Second, and very important, is scheduling. Many people have very...

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What's The Big Deal About Drinking Water?

Posted: 07/15/2014

Dr. Janet Brill - Nutrition & Fitness ExpertWater is the perfect weight loss tool as it fills you up and keeps your mouth busy. Furthermore, drinking water helps maintain the balance of body fluids. (Your body is composed of about 60% water.) For the athlete, particularly in these hot summer months, drinking enough fluids is important when exercising...

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Common Food Misconceptions: Sorting Out Fact From Fiction

Posted: 07/10/2014

First we are told to avoid fat, now we are told to eat fat—just make sure it’s the “good” kind. Eggs are full of cholesterol and cause heart disease, but no, wait, eggs are healthy and don’t cause heart disease…Oh boy, nutrition advice can definitely be confusing! This situation is most likely due the endless contradictory nutrition messages...

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Will Occasionally Missing A Workout Affect My Endurance Or Strength?

Posted: 07/09/2014

Chavanne Scott – Manager of Fitness Together Ballantyne in Charlotte, NCOccasionally missing a workout session will not affect endurance or strength as long as regular, moderate-intense training of 3-5 times per week is maintained a majority of the time. From time to time, it can actually be beneficial to take rest days. Instead of a day off, consider...

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How Can I Avoid Gaining Weight While I Train For An Endurance Event?

Posted: 07/02/2014

Carrie Burr:  Manager of Fitness Together South End in CharlotteAfter training for 5 marathons myself, I finally feel that I have conquered the dreaded endurance training weight gain.  Here is the thing…if you are training for an endurance event, don’t focus on weight loss because it probably won’t happen.  A lot of physiological...

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Fitness Freedom: Breaking Our Of Your Exercise Rut

Posted: 06/26/2014

A lot of time and energy is spent during the months leading up to summer getting your body fit and ready for swimsuit season. But, now that the first month of summer is coming to an end, you might feel like you’re in a fitness rut. If you’re feeling hesitant about pulling out your stars and stripes swimsuit and you’re not feeling great about what you’ve...

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