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Personal Training Success Stories

Get Inspired, Get Results. *Individual exercise results may vary.

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Jeff Audley

Healthcare Management

My challenges with fitness and weight started after graduating from college. I let the demands of my career dictate my eating and exercise habits. I would eat quick meals of not very healthy food and spend most of the day sitting at a desk. I also lived in San Antonio, TX so Tex-Mex food was available everywhere and it all tasted good.

It all caught up to me in my early 40s when my sedentary lifestyle and family history caused the development of hypertension and type 2 diabetes. I immediately started taking medication and my physician encouraged me to become more active. I began exercising and watching my diet on my own. I was very successful over the first several months. I lost weight and was able to decrease my medication doses.

Slowly, I began to revert to my old habits and my weight started to increase. I relocated to Providence and my career began to dictate my lifestyle again. Finally, after a couple of years, I had regained almost all of the weight I had lost. I knew I had to do something. I began working out with another trainer in town but it soon became apparent that his schedule was more important than mine.

I met with Aaron in December of 2010 and we decided that Fitness Together would be good for me to try. I have been coming in three times a week for the past year and completing cardio workouts at home almost every day. I have spent most of the time at Fitness Together with Holly, but have enjoyed working out with all of the trainers. “Enjoyed” may be too strong of a word!! Over the past year my weight has decreased by 40+ pounds and I have lost several inches in my measurements.* I am very grateful to Aaron, Holly, Nanci, Steve, and the other trainers for their support and encouragement. I definitely could not have accomplished this without them.


Michael Coppola


Although it was only two years ago, it seems like it has been ages since I weighted in at 230 pounds, and my waist size was a snug 40. Unhappy yet determined, I took matters into my own hands and changed my eating habits over time. After 18 months, I lost over 55 pounds and dropped down to a 34 waist.* Most importantly, I found that if I could set a goal, then I really could commit to it and succeed. So, I decided to make a second goal. That goal was to learn how to make even healthier choices regarding my diet and exercise.

That is when I found Aaron and his colleagues at Fitness Together. From day one, I found Aaron and his staff to be supportive, understanding, motivational, and challenging with their workouts. I appreciated the time that Aaron took to understand and help me with crafting my specific goals, I am also thankful for the fitness and nutritional advice that he has offered me. Above all, I am thankful for the incredible amount of self-confidence that I have gained by working with Aaron and have discovered because of the support of his staff and from the support from the other members of Fitness Together.

I knew my workouts at Fitness Together would help shed pounds, build muscle, and help me tone up.* I never knew it would help me become a more confident person who is more willing to try new things and discover new passions in life. It is because of this that I thank you Aaron, thank you Fitness Together staff, and thank all of the other members of Fitness Together. You are all motivational and inspirational to me.


Santina Siena


I am a physician who has been in practice for 30 years. In October 2007, I joined Fitness Together and began exercising on a regular basis. Under the guidance of my trainers, I lost weight and inches, and gained tone, strength, and balance. My patients noticed, and I was able to set a good example of a healthy way to improve good health through diet and exercise. I felt great.

The past two years have been incredibly stressful, and like many, I found myself backsliding in terms of taking good care of myself (eating a bit more, sleeping a bit less.) I did continue to exercise at Fitness Together. I looked forward to my sessions with Holly and Steve, and knew that I would always feel better afterwards. I appreciated that they would adapt the sessions to help me make progress, no matter how tired I was. And, I do enjoy putting on the boxing gloves and punching to help relieve stress.

In January of this year, I worked with Holly to set new goals. With some dietary changes and continued exercise, I have been able to surpass these goals over the past few months. And that feels great. I lost weight, my clothes fit better and I am able to hold a plank position for 3 minutes.*

I often talk to my patients about the benefits of exercise for cardiovascular health and prevention of diabetes and osteoporosis. Recent studies also showed a link between strength training and improvement in cognitive function and prevention of dementia.

So, improve your health, look great, feel great, have fun! Thank you Aaron, Holly and Ashley.


Laurie White

President of the Providence Chamber of Commerce

I had always "worked out" and "eaten right." Or at least I thought so until I met the team at Fitness Together! During my first visit, Aaron and I talked about my exercise regimen and my diet. He asked a lot of good questions and was very precise in seeking to understand my specific goals and health status.

As it turns out, I was doing a few things wrong, which probably explains why I never saw any results on my own. For instance, I wasn't eating frequently enough. I wasn't working out hard enough. And I wasn't taking my physical fitness seriously enough. By recording my daily food intake and activities in my journal, I gained a clear and measurable picture of what I was doing and how I could improve.

Almost from day one I started to feel better. I immediately had more energy and the digits on the scale began to track downward. My training sessions with Aaron have been rigorous and enjoyable. He makes sure that I am doing the exercises correctly so as to avoid pain and injury. One of my biggest accomplishments has been the ability to do a side plank!!! (Phew, I never thought I would say that.) I have also enjoyed the camaraderie of the fitness studio. I have been motivated by Amy and Susan's disciplined routines and enjoy seeing them having fun.

By training with Aaron on a consistent basis, I am stronger, more flexible and more cognizant of my diet. I understand the metabolic significance of eating five small meals a day and making sure I get enough protein. I also have greater endurance on the cardio equipment.

At the end of the day, it is all about being healthier. There's no "one size fits all solution." Aaron and his team deliver personalized solutions in an upbeat, non-threatening way. And the solutions work!


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Mohit Kasibhatla


They say that 50% of life is showing up. Luckily for me, the other 50% is a wife who knows what is in my best interest even if I really, really, really don’t agree. That’s the background for my Fitness Together adventure – a 2 year saga that has peaked but hopefully not culminated in my selection as August’s client of the month.

This road to success has been an arduous, thankless one. But fortunately for me, both my wife and trainer persevere. And I couldn’t be happier or more thankful that they do. While I was active growing up, after college, medical school and residency, I became a sedentary couch potato.

It took a lot to get me to Fitness Together because I never wanted to admit that I needed help in what seemed like a basic, fundamental ability – movement. When I first started, my emphasis was on flexibility, strengthening and weight loss. While I had a good trainer and support at home, I was just going through the motions. I was just “showing up”.

But after I started working with Holly, I realized that 50% was not going to cut it. The workouts got more intense, more challenging and every once in while I felt like I might not make it back home! I conveyed these fears to my wife who betrayed not a hint of sympathy. While I resisted their efforts, I eventually realized that fighting two wars was a losing proposition.

Along the way, I started to enjoy the benefits of routine training. I was able to ride my bike more easily, to run longer distances and to play tennis with less pain. Thanks to FT, I was having fun again. It has also been a lot of fun to spend 1-2 hours a week with the dedicated, intelligent and enthusiastic staff at FT. So, I want to thank Holly, Aaron, the FT staff and my wife for giving me 100%.


Dana McInnis


My “journey” to fitness really began last summer. When I graduated from college, I gained a significant amount of weight over a span of a few years. I have been an ovo-lacto vegetarian (meaning I still eat eggs and dairy) for eighteen years. Though I’ll eat an occasional piece of fish, now I realize how much I have relied on pasta, potatoes, and bread to feel full at meals. I shed most of my post-college weight in my late twenties through a low fat diet (with no exercise), but by my early thirties it was back again. Like a yo-yo, I would diet with no exercise, see some of the weight come off, and before I knew it I was back to a larger size. As I got older, I found myself easily out of breath doing simple things, like carrying groceries into the house. That was my wake-up call as a mother of two young kids. Last summer, I tried to diet again, this time adding the treadmill to my daily routine. I figured exercise must be the key, but I saw little results doing it on my own. I knew I needed some help making the exercise beneficial and result-producing.

In July 2011, I won an online auction through Roger Williams Park Zoo for a fitness assessment and a few free sessions at FT. I had never heard of FT before, but I knew if I was put on a structured program, I could succeed. I am a Type A personality – I follow directions well. I was encouraged when Aaron told me that Type A personalities generally do well on their program.

I started in August: I began doing cardio three times a week and working in the studio twice a week. By September, I developed plantar fasciitis in my left foot, and I was “on the bench” until October. With plantar fasciitis, exercise is critical to healing. So, I started up again in October super-motivated, and in January (on my doctor’s recommendation) I changed my diet to limit the starchy carbohydrates (pasta and potatoes) that my low fat diet had emphasized. Since October, I have lost 20 pounds (according to my scale) and taken five inches off my waist.* I train at FT twice a week and do cardio every night I’m not at FT. I feel stronger than I have in a long time, and the nagging physical complaints I had before (lower back pain, hip bursitis) are gone. Plus, my treadmill is no longer a glorified clothes drying rack!

I still have a ways to go to reach my long term goals, but now I understand that I need a diet and fitness program that I can commit to for life. I want to keep the weight off for good. I appreciate the time and patience that the trainers at FT have taken with me. I also feel like I’m setting a great example for my kids by taking simple steps to take better care of myself.


Lois Hurst


Before I joined Fitness Together, I was not overweight. My BMI was within acceptable range. However, I was not in shape. I did not feel my best, so I sought professional advice and technique to improve myself. I spent seemingly endless hours exercising with marginal result. Knowing something had to change, I started my search and found FT. Personal training, cardio, and nutrition all wrapped into one! I thought how could one go wrong?! Since joining FT, I have been able to gain tone, strength, and balance – something I did not even consider important before!*

I am a type 1 diabetic so, in addition to wanting to be in better shape, I needed better control and predictability of sugar levels. While I always have tried my best to keep my blood sugar levels in control, it averages to be about a third of the time, which drives me crazy the other two-thirds. Now, with the exercise and nutritional advice from FT trainers, I am able to increase that percentage of control to half of the time. While it will always be a work in progress, FT has given me the tools to achieve my goals and I feel more empowered to achieve where I want to be. After all, it is all about being healthy and reaching personal goals!


Daniel Byrnes

Real Estate Agent

If only a tablespoon of VitaMeataVegaMin was the answer to “spoon your way to health!” A healthy lifestyle of diet and exercise has been an issue all my life. I didn’t participate in sports or exercise much growing up, as I wasn’t particularly athletic and I’m basically lazy. I ate well, but way too much, mostly fried and fatty foods. Vegetables were either frozen or canned. By the time I graduated high school I weighed over 200 pounds and was not fit by any standard.

Over the years, I found activities that I enjoyed: running, aerobics, walking, bowling, and my main passion, bicycling. My interest in cycling led me to 2 long distance trips: first through New England and Nova Scotia, and in 1980, a cross-country ride from Palo Alto, CA to Montclair, NJ. This trip lasted 3 months, cycling over 5,000 miles through 12 states and Canada. When I finished, I was in the best shape ever, and stayed that way for the next few years.

My weight has fluctuated from a low of 145 to a high of 220 pounds. I tried all the structured ways to lose weight, but my commitment would eventually wane and the unhealthy habits would return. Meanwhile, my doctors and I were monitoring a family history of heart disease and diabetes. In 2009, I suffered a series of professional, financial and personal setbacks that resulted in a serious depression. The year ended when my sister died as a result of an infection, other complications of diabetes. She hadn’t listened to her doctor’s advice to take care of herself.

It was a wakeup call for me, but not soon enough. Late last year, my doctor told me I needed to start taking medication for diabetes. I did not take the news well. I refused to listen and take her advice. But, thinking of how my sister’s loss is still felt by my family and what she went through, I decided stop by Fitness Together.

Though waking up at 5:00 a.m. wasn’t my idea of a fun way to start the day, it got easier as I started seeing results. Eventually, I moved to PACK training. Working with other people was motivating and I liked the camaraderie. Now, I spend my lunch hours doing something constructive and I have more energy for the rest of the day. The results have been noticeable to myself and others. Being the vain person that I am, I love the attention and the compliments! At 56, I feel better than I did in over 25 years. My thanks to Aaron, Holly, and, especially, Jon for creating an environment that’s fun, welcoming, and motivating. I could not have done it alone!


Erin Kilduff

I have always been a natural athlete and played competitive sports through high school and college. In my twenties, I became an avid runner but avoided the gym. I didn’t know how to lift weights and had no interest in learning. Even though I was fit, I wasn’t very strong. Three babies later, my fitness level declined and I was weaker than ever. At my first fitness assessment, I could barely do 2 push-ups!

Working out at Fitness Together, I not only learned how to strength train, I learned to love it. I still run and I’m currently training for the Providence half-marathon. I am a much more efficient and faster runner because of my time at FT.

Training with Aaron is not only challenging but fun, and I am definitely stronger and more fit. At my last FT assessment, I could do 22 push-ups!* I have met a lot of great people, both trainers and others clients in pack sessions. In the crazy world of raising 3 kids, it is something I have for myself that makes me feel good.


Amy Palmisciano


Years ago I decided the world was made up of two groups of people: those who exercised and those who did not. I firmly believed I was a member of the latter. Over the years I had tried every diet on the planet without permanent results. My weight and unhealthy lifestyle had left me feeling tired all the time with no energy. I knew I could no longer deny the need to incorporate exercise into my life. But the reason I had decided I was a member of that "non-exercising" group was because the typical gym setting was completely intimidating to me. I was so self-conscious about my weight that the idea of working out in a gym in front of other people horrified me. After discussing this with my doctor, she recommended I check out Fitness Together. That turned out to be the best advice I have ever been given.

After my first training session with Aaron my fears were all laid to rest and I knew I had made the right decision. Fitness Together provides a positive, encouraging, non-judgmental environment in which to get into shape. Aaron and the other trainers are so supportive and invested in your success. I am already amazed by what I have accomplished and I have no doubt that at Fitness Together I will achieve and even exceed all of my fitness goals!


Raj Bellani

Dean of RISD

Last summer I moved from central New York to Providence not knowing anybody. Within my first month, I met Aaron to discuss my fitness goals and was drawn to the great program Fitness Together provides. The workout routines provided me with stability and allowed me to put myself first. During the past six months I have seen improvements in my strength, flexibility, body composition and most of all – people have noticed!!*

Fitness Together has given me a healthy and balanced lifestyle. I am happier, healthier, and cannot believe the progress I have made in such a short amount of time.

As much as Fitness Together has given to me I have given back. Each morning I welcome my Fitness Together compatriots (Larry, Jane, Dolores, Diane, Linda, George, Laurie, Robin, Tobias, Steve, and the list goes on) with heartfelt hugs and a warm smile to start their day.

These results would have never been possible without my lovely trainers, Kati, Aaron, Nanci, and Mike. Thank you and I love you!


Julie Marrinucci


I joined Fitness Together just about a year ago – after having lost 20 lbs with Weight Watchers. While I loved that the weight was off, that I fit into my clothes better, that I felt healthier, I didn’t feel strong. One push up, on my knees, was the extent of it. A plank? What’s a plank?! And, no, I don’t do squats, thank you …

Going to the gym regularly didn’t quite cut it. It was the cardio that I loved the most — treadmill, zumba, kick-boxing, anything to really make me sweat. But I’d run screaming from the weight machines, medicine ball, kettle bells, anything that felt challenging even to look at.

Lucky for me that I happened to open a Group-on email promoting Fitness Together, right down the street from my home. I took it as a sign that it was time to stop thinking and time to start doing! I summoned up the courage to walk in and take a free class with Aaron. One year later, I can do 16 push-ups, (not on my knees!), have reduced my body mass index, can hold a respectable plank, and am standing taller and prouder of my accomplishments.*

Is it tough? You bet! Holly pushes me more than I’d ever push myself. But she is encouraging in the same way. When I say, “I can’t!”, she always says, “Yes, you can!” And, more often than not, she’s right. Now I find myself telling everyone about the benefits of planks and the importance of combining cardio with strength training; even practicing push-ups at home. It’s amazing what a little motivation, the right support team, and a lot of results can do. Thanks Fitness Together for helping me achieve some of my important health and wellness goals!


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Brooke Odessa


I joined Fitness Together six months ago with the hopes of reaching my weight loss goals. For as long as I can remember, I have had challenges with my weight and overall fitness level. I knew that I needed to find a way to improve both my eating and exercise habits.

About two years ago, I realized that I needed to make some lifestyle changes. I started by modifying my diet and eating habits. Then, I decided exercise needed to be added into my routine. I tried working out on my own and various group classes, but nothing seemed to work.

Someone recommended that I try Fitness Together, and honestly, I was leery at first because I had tried so many forms of organized exercise in the past. After my initial meeting with Aaron, I thought that this exercise program might actually work for me. I started off slowly by working out at Fitness Together two times a week. After about a month of doing only this, I made the commitment to add cardio to my fitness routine. Now I am at the studio at least five days a week!

The positive reinforcement I have received from the entire Fitness Together staff has helped me achieve, and surpass, the goals I initially set for myself. Over the past six months I have lost 30 pounds and four clothing sizes.* My stamina and overall health have also improved. I cannot thank Aaron and the team at Fitness Together enough for their support and guidance. They have never given up on me and have continued to make me feel successful. I could not have accomplished any of this without them. Fitness Together is now part of my life, not just a gym - I look forward to continuing to work with Aaron and his team as I work toward my future goals!


Jessica Pill

Anyone that knows me knows that I am a “planner.” My husband and I both work full time and we have a two year old daughter, so making all the competing priorities fit into each week is challenging. Throughout my thirties, exercising and eating well just didn’t consistently make my “to do” list and each year, I gained weight.

It turns out that if I don’t plan to exercise, I don’t actually exercise! If I don’t plan to go grocery shopping, we will eat take out! One day turns into two and then three and so on. It’s a story that I have told and heard a thousand times over as we are all very busy.

So, how did it work for me this time?! Over a year ago when I decided I needed to get serious about getting back into shape, I walked into Providence Fitness Together with my calendar to schedule in exercise slots. I had a goal. I am turning 40 next month and I decided that I wanted to be “fit by forty.” So, I scheduled in all my workouts. I come to FT three times a week at the same time on the same days. I drop of my daughter at school, I work out and then I start my work day. Truthfully, some days are hard. My daughter sleeps in or I have an early work call that I need to juggle, but I protect my workout slots as best I can. I make them as important as everything else I commit to and that has really made a difference.

I also put my food into a calorie counting app (My Fitness Pal) recommended by my primary trainer, Matt. I tend to eat the same thing all the time, so I put in the food I eat in a typical day and I now have a sense for what I can consume without having to use the app every day. About six months ago, I asked Matt to weigh me every week and let’s just say, he does not forget. He celebrates my wins and holds me accountable when I get off track. Also, since I let other friends, colleagues and family know that I am trying to be “fit my forty,” I have a lot more people cheering for me and that is extra motivation.

Having the encouragement of all the trainers at FT, I feel I have a great support system. I enjoy seeing and training with everyone and it’s been really fun to see my physical progress. I want to be a healthy role model for my daughter and I want to feel good. I have achieved both already, even with a few more lbs to lose. I am so grateful for the time and energy of Aaron, Matt and the whole team at FT.*


Melissa Crisafulli

I was one of those people who everyone hated. You know the one who could eat pancakes for breakfast, followed by a mid morning snack of oreos, a lunch that consisted of a loaded sandwich on “white” bread, potato chips on the side and maybe a few cookies to top it off. For dinner I would have a cheeseburger with “extra cheese” smothered in onions. The onions would be sautéed in real butter, of course, which is something even to this day I refuse to substitute. I ate like that pretty much every day without ever gaining a pound. All of that changed when I hit my mid thirties. One day about five years ago while standing in front of the mirror I realized that I did not recognize the body looking back at me. This was a devastating moment. I did not gain a ton of weight, but enough to make me reevaluate the way I was eating. In addition to cutting out the unhealthy snacks and fattening meals I chose to run and within a few months I lost the weight.

A few years later my family and I moved to Providence and I got wrapped up in renovating out house . During that time running took a back seat. I started to feel the weight creeping back and my level of energy starting to plunge. Overall, I didn’t feel that healthy. My husband Marc was working out at Fitness Together and loved it. He kept telling me to check it out, but I resisted. To be quite honest, I was intimidated. I had never formally “worked out” and didn’t feel like I was strong enough. Little did I know at the time that it would become an obsession. I have been training with Aaron for almost two years and am thrilled with the results. He challenges me every week and pushes me to my potential.

While running was a great way to jump start the weight loss, I never realized that lifting weights and circuit training would have such an impact.* I have never felt better or more fit in my life.