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Personal Training Success Stories

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Jane T testimonial for Takedown Challenge

Nutrition testimonial Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym

I’ve been active my entire life however had back surgery 5 years ago, I had almost given up on lower body strength training as I always ended up in pain. I joined FT Pt Loma with the goal of building strength without compromising my back. I have been working out with David each week. He has tailored my workouts which are always different and fun. Keeping it new is really important! I also took part in their quarterly 'Takedown Challenge' which is a one month workout & weight loss challenge. Each week FT provides a boot camp, Sunday hike, binder of healthy recipes and weekly weigh-in. I lost enough weight each week to keep me motivated but not too much. I was over the moon to finish the 4 weeks having lost 14.5lbs, 6.5 inches and reduced my body fat by 4.6%. There were around 15 of us who participated in the challenge - all shapes, sizes and ages. Greg and his team at FT are friendly, professional & encouraging and the environment very pleasant - not intimidating at all.

Jane T-Point Loma resident

Bob K May 2016 28 Day TakeDown Challenge before photo
Bob K May 2016 28 Day TakeDown Challenge before photo
Bob K May 2016 28 Day TakeDown Challenge after photo and over 10% body weight loss
Bob K May 2016 28 Day TakeDown Challenge after photo and over 10% body weight loss *

Bob K May 2016 28 Day TakeDown Challenge WINNER!

Bob lost over 20lbs in 28 Days at Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym

Bob congrats. You have won 3 Months of FREE Personal Training sessions at Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym for losing over 20 lbs and over 10% of your body weight in JUST 28 Days. YOU ROCK. Bob also did this while gaining lean body mass (so basically he did not lose muscle while losing weight, inches and body fat).

He is joined by his lovely wife JoAnn in the video who also kicked butt while losing almost 7% of her body weight and gaining 10 lbs of LEAN MUSCLE during the 28 Day TakeDown Challenge.

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Amy T awesome and amazing Jan. 2016 Client of the Month

Testimonial for amazing Fit n Lean Transformation Project

Fit n Lean Transformation is run by Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym

Here is my personal testimony with Fitness Together:
Back in October 2015 I ran across on my Facebook feed a 12 week Fit N Lean challenge offered by Fitness Together Point Loma. At this time I was in the worst shape of my life. I am a busy mom of three kids and one with special needs. I was busy caring for my family that I let myself go. I had put on weight. I was not exercising. My eating habits were pretty sad too. I thought about this challenge for days. I had extreme "Mom Guilt" and really did not know if I even had enough time to put myself back in the equation. It was the week before Halloween and I decided to start this Life Style Challenge. If I did not do this now then come New Year 2016 I would be putting on those holiday pounds.

The first session was tough. I had to face just how bad I had let myself go. They took my weight, measurement, and pictures. UHHHH....I had an hour long class about the eating program. The plan was designed for me! Trainer Lisa gave me all the information I needed to start eating right. She even gave me her email so if I had any questions I could reach out to her. I had to take journal notes for the day of what I ate, how I felt, my workouts for the day and my water intake. Every week I took my weight and the trainers reviewed my journal. I was 100% accountable for all my eating and working out. I never felt alone during this process. I had so much support from all the trainers at Fitness Together. Every time they saw me come into class they would ask--How is the eating, what are you eating-- let me see your journal-- did you work out this week besides here at Fitness Together. Every month at Fitness Together they change the workout routine. I never got bored and I have never done the same workout twice. My body just changed right before my eyes. My focus became not what I wanted to lose but what have I gained. With the help of all the trainers at Fitness Together I gained energy, confidence, strength, happiness, and my health back. At the end of the 12 week program, I lost 20lbs and 12 inches off my body. This was during Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year holiday season! I could not be happier. I feel so good inside and out. I am a better Mom, Wife, Friend, Co-Worker and Sister. I am so happy with my results that I have decided to do this 12 week Fit N Lean program again.

I really don't know how to say Thank you to the staff at Fitness Together. Fitness Together really helped me "Get my Healthy Back". Every Trainer has a true passion for helping people succeed in their journey of health and wellness. I give this staff 10 stars for helping me along my journey. Thank you all from the bottom of my heart. Not only do I thank you but my family thanks you too. Just know that I am not done yet and I am so happy you all are a part of my team. Sincerely, AMY T.

Amy T-Point Loma resident and 'Super Mom'

JT completed our 1:1 Takedown Lifestyle program and kicked butt
Before and After photo together
Jenn and her husband completed our 1:1 Takedown Lifestyle program and motivated one another *

Jenn and JT B rocked the Takedown Lifestyle program

Nutrition testimonial for Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym


Brian W

Brian's Story

My name is Brian, I am a Software Engineer in Point Loma, and I workout with Greg, Andrew and Jillian at Fitness Together Point Loma.

The most amazing result is the combination of areas of knowledge provided at Fitness Together Point Loma all working together: Nutrition, Physical training and Physical therapy. I sought out help on nutrition and weight loss foremost after many attempts at unsustainably dieting by calorie deprivation didn’t work and knew I needed to seek another source of knowledge. Secondly, desiring to get back into more physical and physically demanding activities but uncertain how to proceed in wake of an injury that resulted in fractured lumbar vertebrae a few years prior.

Though application of nutrition principles and eating in the right proportions as guided by Greg and Fitness Together allowed me to discover what a “diet” is (as a noun) instead of “dieting” (as a verb). The key being sustainability in diet without feeling deprived as a basis for weight loss and life-long weight management. On physical training, Greg’s therapeutic knowledge of exactly just how to bend, hold a position or perform an exercise to strengthen key areas with proper motions have helped immensely shrinking back pain to levels like before the injury ever happened -- all the while incrementally increasing physical performance and stamina with just bi-weekly 1hr trainings with Greg and team Andrew and Jillian. Resting heart rate down 20bpm and weight down 34.5lbs in 4 months of training and virtually no back pain now where I would not have even known how to begin that kind of progress on my own.

Consistently Greg and team, Andrew and Jillian ask about progress and transformation which really shows they care about clientele, progress and results. Training with others that are just as pleased as I am to see progress and transformation really does a lot to motivate positively.

Absolutely, do it. Toss the concerns and worries aside, with the degrees and credentials among this team at Fitness Together Point Loma, they certainly know better than you! At the beginning I was worried of a need to lose some more weight first before even starting training because of back pain and effectiveness of workout, but like me with the help of Greg, Andrew and Jillian, you can do it all – Nutrition, Physical Training and Physical Therapy. All the tools needed for success.

Our January 2016 28 Day Takedown Challenge winner....Kenneth
Before New Year's 2016 28 Day Takedown Challenge
Kenneth won 3 Months of FREE Training for his efforts
18 lbs. lighter and ready to ride high performance bikes *

Kenneth B January 2016 28 Day Takedown Challenge winner

Read how you can duplicate Kenneth's success

I started racing motorcycles and noticed I was out of shape. At 47 years old I realized I would need to get in shape if this was a venture I wanted to continue with. I was lacking balance and overall stamina to handle my new bike. I also had a shoulder injury that was causing some pain and discomfort. I moved to Point Loma recently and started looking for a local personal trainer and checked out a couple places. One of the trainers from another gym asked if I had been to Together Fitness in Point Loma so I decided to check it out. Greg did my evaluation and accessed my injury and gave me his recommendations and plan of action. Right away I could tell they were qualified and professional. I noticed significant improvement to my shoulder and overall strength while working with Josh several times per week. Over all I have been pretty satisfied with my weight and body but did notice I had been putting on the pounds over the years. The takedown challenge was presented to me as a way to lose weight in a competitive and fun way and at first was not sure. I noticed the results people were getting and decided to give it a go. The meal plans were simple to follow and I think the hardest part was eating all the food as I was in the habit of eating 1 or two times a day. So eating 4 times a day took a few days to get used to but soon became something I enjoyed. I seemed to be eating more food than normal but was losing weight every day. In the 3rd week of the challenge I noticed I was keeping up with everyone in the group and decided to increase my cardio and it really accelerated my weight loss. Since the challenge I have been able to find a balance between eating the things I enjoy, eating healthy balanced meals I enjoy, working out and doing the right amount of cardio to keep my weight balanced at the new low. The staff is incredibly educated, knowledgeable, disciplined and motivational when it comes to their training and support.

Kenneth B-Point Loma resident and "winner"

Al came in 2nd place, but more importantly has learned lifelong healthier eating habits
Before our January 2016 28 Day Takedown Challenge
Al H has also been training with us for quite some time:)
After Al lost 20 lbs in 28 days and he even went on ski trip *

Al H..we knew you could do it

Takedown Challenge testimonial for Fitness Together Point Loma personal training gym

Lauren M.

Point Loma Resident, Running Evaluation

When I first came to work with Greg I was drawn to the fact that he had a background in physical therapy. I had worked with personal trainers post knee injury, but they did not focus on the rehab aspect. They only focused on working around the injury. Greg listened to everything and jumped straight into making me accountable for my ultimate success. He gave me all the tools and advice, but made me actively use and test the exercises. He did more for my situation than any regular personal trainer.

Lauren M.

Point Loma Resident

Rick B.

San Diego Resident and Silver Medalist World Jiu-Jitsu Championships 2012

I took second at the Master/Senior World Jiu-Jitsu Championships held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in late July. Rick originally came to Fitness Together Point Loma to work with Greg Sterner because of his physical therapy background and ability to help achieve a more stable shoulder girdle. After having success with the shoulder stability work I began working with fitness trainer, Palani Mak to improve endurance and functional strength for my sport.

Roger B.

"I had a serious problem with my shoulder that involved pain and significant loss in range of motion. Greg's experience as a physical therapist was what brought me to Fitness Together-Point Loma. My pain is practically all gone and my loss in range of motion is almost fully restored*. If you have any "issues" healthwise and want knowledgeable attention to help you return to pain free living* you owe it to yourself to check out the personal trainers at Fitness Together-Point Loma.

Roger B., Point Loma resident

Steve B.

Point Loma Resident

Lots of personal attention to realizing goals. Lots of patience and encouragement. Very motivated sessions - very flexible schedule. Fitness Together Point Loma was an excellent choice for me!!!! I am feeling and seeing the changes that motivated me to work with a personal trainer. I strongly recommend them.

Kristen M.

San Diego resident

Palani was a huge motivation for me to get my butt moving. I really appreciated how personal he made my visit and that he always held me accountable. When I joined the semi-private training classes, I liked that Erin and Carolyn always pushed me. Carolyn, especially pushed me past my comfort zone and always hated it (but secretly loved it)!

I am very grateful for everyone’s encouragement at Fitness Together. Thanks to the support and motivation I lost over 30lbs* before leaving to work out on my own. It’s been a wonderful experience and I wouldn’t change it for a delicious tostada! (Palani will understand that)!

Thank you,

Kristen M.

Lorie G.

Point Loma Resident

Working out a Fitness Together has been one of the greatest experiences I've had. I feel better, look better physically, and feel better equipped to handle any stress in my life. The one-on-one approach means you get a quality workout with no distractions. I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone serious about getting in shape.*

Margo B.

Point Loma Resident

Some people "live" to exercise. They thrive on the exhilaration. Some people "exercise" to live. They need to improve their bodies and minds. I am somewhere in between. I chose FT because I needed to learn the proper way to exercise my body, which for me was a "need" more than a "want". FT has fulfilled my "need" and has turned it into a "want".

10News A-List Client Posts

Brenda S. - What an amazing team of trainers! Dedicated, knowledgeable and efficient. Love the individualized attention and encouragement they each give you. Sara, Greg and Kara are also very consistent in training, so no matter which trainer you choose, the results are equally great!

Mele B. - Great place. Amazing trainers. Very Clean. Love the work out routine. Very well located.

Jan S. - Greg is a Physical Therapist as well as a personal trainer, so he takes great care to be sure you are doing the exercise correctly so you can work hard, but don't get hurt. He is very encouraging, and varies the workout each time. He pushes me just enough and after 5 weeks, I already feel stronger, firmer and healthier.*

Leslie B. - Because Greg was my Physical Therapist for 2 different injuries, he incorporates strength, flexibility and therapy into my workouts. He was always prepared and always had handouts for me to use at home. I think he is the BEST!

Eric M. - Fitness Together owner Greg Sterner is a highly qualified therapist as well as a personal trainer. He and his staff are very professional, competent, do individual client evaluations and capably carry out treatment programs with attention to the individual needs of their clients.

Mandy - I had been working out regularly with my friend who is getting married soon. We had been lifting for almost a year together, when she hired Greg to personal train her. Once she started working out with Greg, I could see more results in 3 weeks with him than she had gotten from months of working out on our own. If you want results... Greg's the one to call!

Elaine B.

Point Loma Resident

As a 40 year old mother of three young boys, I knew I had to start exercising regularly in order to stay healthy and strong enough to take care of them. I was embarrassed about starting a program and felt uncoordinated and self-conscious. Working out at Fitness Together has been a perfect solution for me to jump-start my enthusiasm for exercising. Greg and Sara supported me and guided me on how to exercise, use the equipment and keep motivated. They customized my workouts to my abilities and interests, to maximize the effectiveness o my time at the studio. Now I feel strong, confident, and motivated to continue exercising throughout my life. Thanks to their personal attention to me, I have achieved more than I thought I could. Thank you Greg and Sara.

Nani K.

Point Loma Resident

I have been working out with Greg twice a week for almost 2 months and from the beginning I was a raving fan of fitness together.

It took a lot of courage for me to begin this journey because I am 70 years old, overweight and have not exercised regularly for several years. I felt totally at ease and comfortable the very first time I the entered the clean, light, esthetically pleasing and well organized FT facility.

Greg is extremely knowledgeable not only as a trainer but also as a licensed physical therapist. After evaluating my physical strengths & weaknesses, he assessed with me what my personal goals are.

Through this process he has always been encouraging and reassuring and has treated me with the same respect and caring he would with a younger more fit client. I appreciate that a lot!

Maryam Rahnema

Greg of Fitness Together Point Loma has been training me since the spring of 2008. I am 59 years old, but now feel like I have the stamina and energy level of my early 20's. My strength (especially abdominal and lower back) level and balance have shown dramatic increases. I can now wear sleeveless and backless dresses with confidence and esteem.

I have worked with Greg as a physical therapist for over 4 ½ years and find him to be the most knowledgeable, caring and dedicated of professionals. I would feel confident in recommending Fitness Together to anyone who wants to lose weight and increase tone while working out in an immaculate setting with truly knowledgeable fitness professionals. Knowing Greg's high standards he will only recruit the very best staff at his new facility.

Whether you need to fight through a nagging injury that is hindering your fitness goals or want to get your body back to your college days, Greg and his staff will help you achieve your goals.

Holly Y.

I work long hours and was not finding the time to work out. I felt my energy level decreasing and was feeling very sluggish. These feelings affected my mood throughout the day as well. After joining Fitness Together, I felt much better. I have so much energy and feel happier throughout the day. My body looks toner and am in great shape. My friends and family have commented on how great I look and I am excited to continue training with Fitness Together.

Personal Training Point Loma and San Diego

Richie and Abbey of Point Loma getting married soon

Couples Workouts

Greg and his staff are incredible! My fiance and I train with them to compliment and maximize our climbing and backpacking adventures. Just after a couple months we've seen huge improvements in flexibility, strength, and balance. Not to mention we just feel healthier because we now have this added motivation and accountability. They design workouts specific to your goals. Each workout is different, fun and creative, but believe me, they're not easy. An added bonus is Greg's PT background. Train injury free! With any trainer, you get what you put into it. So if you're curious, check them out. It's worth it.

As listed on Yelp:

Amy T.

Point Loma Resident, U.S. Navy Military Spouse

As a mother of three, I never put my needs first until I had my first free session at FT. Since I started FT, I not only notice a physical difference, but an over all improvement in my attitude, stress level decrease, better mom, eating & lifestyle change.  I can not thank FT staff enough for how they have made me feel and look better.  I look at working out and eating in a whole new light, not as a chore or a problem.  After each workout I stand a little taller, smile wider and feel like I am walking on clouds.  I am glad that I did this for myself.  I am blessed to have found FT and get to work out one-on-one; NO GYM!  I am a better mom, wife, friend and daughter because I feel amazing!

Krissie and Mike

Couples Training

 We had a great time working with a personal trainer.  It was fun, energetic and nothing that we had previously been worried about.  Fitness Together Point Loma staff was very personable and motivating.  We will be back!


Felicia C.

Point Loma Personal Training Client

"The gym and all the equipment can be a little overwhelming. Sara is such an amazing and patient trainer. She showed me a variety of different things to do so I never get bored!

Felicia C., Point Loma Resident