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Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Oct 19, 2020 Fit Fun

As we learn to navigate our new normal with this year’s health crisis, many of us emerge from our quarantine looking and more importantly, feeling, not our best. Maybe we’ve gained a little weight, or lost some muscle, or gotten out of our routines. Almost a year has gone by and what do we have to show for it? What happened to our New Year’s Resolutions?
Well, chances are this year is a little different than what you planned. It has been for all of us! Maybe you didn’t hit your goals and maybe your goals changed. That’s ok! Let’s get back on track. And when we say “get back on track” we don’t mean take a flying leap and jump all in. That’s tough, mentally and physically. And sometimes, when the first step is too big, it keeps us from getting started at all.

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Sep 28, 2020 Nutrition

Chances are, you don’t drink enough water. Most people don’t! The average person drinks 4 cups of water a day. Considering that it's suggested that people drink 12-16 cups per day, this is nowhere near enough!

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Sep 21, 2020 Nutrition

Coffee’s swung in and out of favor in the last few years. Is it bad for you? Good for you? Neutral? Let’s talk about the myths and the truths.

Hannah Colosio, Fitness Manager Sep 14, 2020 Nutrition

Chances are, you know someone who’s tried a fad diet, or maybe you’ve tried one yourself. They’re impossible to avoid! Whether it’s Facebook Ads, Instagram “Influencers” or even news articles trying to be helpful, everywhere you turn someone’s got a new way to take off the “Covid 15”.

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Aug 31, 2020 Nutrition

Let’s talk about nutrition. We all know we should eat more of this and less of that, but when held to it, what do we really know? In today’s blog post I’ll be sharing the very basics of nutrition. Just facts here, no fad diets or super weight loss tips. Just knowledge.

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Aug 24, 2020 Fit Fun

Know you need to get back on track but not sure where to start? Gained a little weight or slipped back in your training routine? We all have. Read on to see some gentle easy steps guiding you where to start - and how to feel good doing it.

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Aug 17, 2020 Nutrition

Grocery shopping can be stressful for even the most health conscious among us. With so many options and every ad telling you conflicting accounts of what’s “good” and “bad,” it can be hard to know what to do! Read on to see some tips to grocery shop with confidence and ease, coming home with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Hannah Colosio, Training Manager Aug 10, 2020 Nutrition

New to healthy eating and looking for a great place to start? Or maybe you're a sweasoned pro looking for some new ideas. Read on to learn some must haves for your healthy kitchen!

Mar 11, 2020 Fitness Tips

Besides exercise and diet, what are the other important factors to consider when it comes to overall health and wellness?

Mar 4, 2020 Fitness Tips

Many people have very busy lives, but there is always time to fit at the very least a 20-30 minute workout into your busy life. We have many clients who work 70-80 hours a week and still manage to come in 3-4 times a week, simply, because they schedule it.

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