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Personal Training San Diego

Introducing PACK -small group personal training San Diego

Private Group Training in San Diego

from Fitness Together-Point Loma-San Diego

  • Truly personalized small group training from the personal training experts.
  • Energizes your exercise routine by working within a small group of like-minded people in a private setting.
  • State of the art techniques that combine strength training, cardio conditioning and nutritional guidance for the complete fitness solution.
  • Feel better, look better and perform better than you ever thought possible.

Do You Want These Outcomes:

  • Weight Loss of 10 to 20 lbs with increased lean/toned muscles
  • Fit consistent/efficient fun workouts into your busy schedule
  • Not feel guilty about spending time on themselves

Do You Face These Challenges:

  • Family/work conflicts and conflicting priorities
  • Feeling powerless, guilty, "no longer recognized the person in the mirro

Starting a consistent, focused, efficient and fun exercise program will EMPOWER you to take care of yourself so you can give more energy to those you love while feeling more energized and alive. Remember to "put your oxygen mask on first" to help the ones you care about the most.

FREE Trial Session:Contact Us on our website or call 619.756.7500 to set up your FREE session today


Mondays: 10AM, 11AM, 6PM, 7PM

Tuesdays: 5PM

Wednesday: 10AM, 5PM, 6PM and 7PM

Thursdays: 5PM and 6PM

Fridays: 5:00PM

Saturdays: 8AM and 9AM

****sessions are by appointment only and limited to 4 members per session to better facilitate results, modifications for varying fitness levels and safety****