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Fitness TogetherPoint Loma
Liberty Station (in ACE Hardware Building)
2750 Dewey Rd
Suite 101
San Diego, CA   92106
p. (619) 756-7500
Fitness Together$99 to $199
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Mon - Fri   6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat   6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun   Closed

M - F 6AM to 9PM
Sat 6AM to 4PM
Sun Closed

Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Jun 19, 2018 by P. R.
"I could not have found a better gym! The trainers are experienced, patient, and motivating. I'm meeting and exceeding my goals quicker than I thought I would! I took advantage of the nutrition coaching which became an important part of achieving my goals. Thank you Fitness Together Point Loma for helping me to get stronger and more fit!"

Jun 8, 2018 by M. L.
"Love them! "

May 27, 2018 by K. L.
"I really appreciate the enthusiasm of the trainers. I also appreciate how my own personal needs are the basis for my training. I am thrilled to have found Fitness Together. My life going forward with Gregvand Hannah are very exciting to me!"

May 26, 2018 by A. C.
"Individual attention. Professional physical therapist owner. "

May 16, 2018 by M. Z.
"Great coach. Easy to get to studio. Always parking "

May 1, 2018 by R. A.
"Personable. Encouraging. Each trainer know who you are and how you have professed. Great trainers"

Apr 30, 2018 by B. J.
"My neck with put me in a lot of pain a few times a year, Greg put me on a small set of focus exercises tailored to fix the issues I was having and I've been pain free ever since. Highly recommended."

Apr 20, 2018 by S. D.
"Personal attention with a tailored plan to meet your goals. "

Apr 13, 2018 by K. K.
"Trainers push me but don’t try to break me. They’re positive and supportive. I appreciated the one-on-one sessions I started with because they helped me gain a bit of confidence, and now I enjoy the cameraderie of PACK sessions...being with more advanced people helps me know how far I can go. "

Apr 7, 2018 by L. C. A.
"professional trainers.... nice clean small gym"

Mar 30, 2018 by C. W.
"I was looking for a trainer to help me me to identify realistic goals, develop a plan based on my level and help me evolve my workouts over time so I am pushed to my limit -- but not intimidated. I hit the jackpot because my Fitness Together trainer, Jillian Hicks is awesome, she does all that and more. After just a few sessions, I could already see (and feel) improvements. As a person who traditionally hasn't loved heading to the gym for an intense workout, the most unexpected surprise for me is that we have fun and laugh - every time! My trainer has helped keep me on track even on our off days by building a workout schedule / plan that I can do anywhere (home or a gym). I brought in the class schedule for my gym so she helped me pick out classes / workouts so I get the most efficient and balanced workout each week. Fitness Together approach is customized for you, so regardless of your age or fitness level (beginner or seasoned athlete) you are in positive environment and set up for success which feels great! "

Mar 26, 2018 by E. R.
"Love the personal attention and program detail and the push and motivation the trainers provide"

Mar 25, 2018 by K. L.
"I love the personal nature of my workouts. The professionalism at Fitness Together is evident. I have complete trust in ALL you do!"

Mar 25, 2018 by T. M.
"I'm doing workouts I never thought I was capable of."

Mar 23, 2018 by K. G. S.
"The individual care and specific exercises just for me, which I receive from my trainer keeps me coming back month after month. Seeing the results over a year has been enlightening, I still have a ways to go...but my balance, strength and cardio endurance has improved greatly."

Mar 22, 2018 by J. M.
"Personal attention. "

Mar 12, 2018 by L. R.
"Tailoring of sessions focused on improving weaknesses. Positive attitude of trainers"

Feb 27, 2018 by J. F.
"In my 3 month's experience so far, Greg and his staff have been extremely effective at providing individually focused physical training. They orient their training to my goals and improving my health. They do this with a wide range of exercises that are never boring, always challenging, but appropriate for my age and weight. I look forward to each session and am extremely happy with the results so far."

Feb 14, 2018 by J. D.
"Great staff! Excellent at motivation, training, and physical therapy "

Feb 11, 2018 by P. H.

Reviews Provided by Listen360