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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Aug 15, 2019 by G. S.
"I love the personal individualized exercise plan even when working out in a small group. Jillian is the best!"

Aug 15, 2019 by N. K.
"You actually listen to your clients and help them achieve their goals "

Aug 7, 2019 by L. B.
"I have already recommended you to several of my friends! I like the facility and the variety of equipment. The temperature inside is always comfortable no matter how hot it is outside! The windows are open and it is still feels cool to me even when the air conditioner is off. The location and the facility is perfect for me and parking is always easy. The variety of exercises that I am getting from Jill makes me sure that she is catering to my needs. She is working muscles that I never even knew I had (maybe they have never been used before). This has helped me learn more about my own body and how I can use it better. She listens to me and how my body is responding. She is very conscious of exactly what I am doing. Drew has given me clear instruction in how and why certain form is necessary and this has helped me learn and be able to correct my form. I often hear his instructions in my head even when I am working with Jill. This has been very helpful! "

Aug 6, 2019 by B. B.
"I feel like I am in better shape with your help than I am without it, even though you push me too hard."

Aug 1, 2019 by R. C.

Jul 29, 2019 by J. N.
"I feel much healthier and in physically better shape since I started at Fitness Together. Each trainer I work with brings their own unique skill set to our sessions, and I never finish a session without having learned something new about fitness. I love that it's small, where I can feel comfortable working out, and the one-on-one training is ideal for me."

Jul 21, 2019 by J. E.
"As an older person, I want to stay active, vital and healthy. Greg and his trainers have helped me move in the direction of those goals. I can never work out as thoroughly by myself. I hesitate to say this, but it is true, that working out at Fitness Together saved me from knee surgery, and manages to avoid all my many old injuries, which I can aggravate on my own. I really can't say enough good things. Judith Greer Essex PhD"

Jul 21, 2019 by C. K.
"Compassionate training, and genuine interest in helping. "

May 20, 2019 by K. L.
"I really trust the trainers to provide the workouts that I need. Plus I really LOVE the kindness of the trainers. They motivate as well as bringing a positive atmosphere to each session. I feel great about coming to FT and feel my strength and health are improving."

May 19, 2019 by J. N.
"Everyone is friendly and kind. Personalized workout program specific to my needs and goals. I like that the facility is small and feels more or less private (I wouldn't feel comfortable working out at a large gym). Scheduling is flexible and there is availability outside of my working hours."

May 16, 2019 by K. C.
"Great work outs!"

May 14, 2019 by R. C.

May 7, 2019 by E. B.
"The trainers at Fitness Together are great! Very professional and fun. It's a great way to get in shape."

May 1, 2019 by J. E.
"I like the personal assessment and attention to my physical condition. I like that my workout is tailored for me. i am not yet strong and yet I can still do a good workout with help from Fitness Togeterh, Pt Loma. "

Apr 29, 2019 by P. H.
"Personalized to your needs."

Apr 17, 2019 by R. A.
"Very very personable. Adapts program to client needs. All the trainers are knowledgeable and great. It's very easy to make a commitment to time spent here. They are always encouraging"

Mar 30, 2019 by W. B.
"Exceptional professionalism and friendly atmosphere. Great staff and facility."

Mar 30, 2019 by B. B.
"I noticed an almost immediately a reduction in the problems that I had been having. The main one being a pain in my artificial right hip joint and slight pains in both ankles. Bob Bradbury"

Mar 30, 2019 by P. R.
"The one on one training and goal setting."

Mar 24, 2019 by K. L.
"I feel as if Greg and his staff are VERY aware of my needs, my level of abliity and design a program that is perfect for me. I trust them and am excited to have them as part of my health and fitness program!"

Reviews Provided by Listen360