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Fitness TogetherPoint Loma
Liberty Station (in ACE Hardware Building)
2750 Dewey Rd
Suite 101
San Diego, CA   92106
p. (619) 756-7500
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Mon - Fri   6:00 AM - 9:00 PM
Sat   6:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Sun   Closed

M - F 6AM to 9PM
Sat 6AM to 4PM
Sun Closed

Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

Mar 12, 2018 by L. R.
"Tailoring of sessions focused on improving weaknesses. Positive attitude of trainers"

Feb 27, 2018 by J. F.
"In my 3 month's experience so far, Greg and his staff have been extremely effective at providing individually focused physical training. They orient their training to my goals and improving my health. They do this with a wide range of exercises that are never boring, always challenging, but appropriate for my age and weight. I look forward to each session and am extremely happy with the results so far."

Feb 14, 2018 by J. D.
"Great staff! Excellent at motivation, training, and physical therapy "

Feb 11, 2018 by P. H.

Feb 5, 2018 by P. R.
"I love the relaxed atmosphere and noncompetitive vibe the facility has. I also feel very comfortable working out in an environment catered to older adults. Greg and staff are very considerate in their approach to pre-existing injuries and work with you to make sure you don't reinjure yourself. The nutrition coaching is also amazing. For the first time in my adult life, I'm learning how to eat what my body needs and my transformation is a testament that the diet, along with exercise, work. I'm well on my way to becoming my best self."

Feb 1, 2018 by B. J.
"I came for PT and got good personalized attention, which is what I was looking for."

Jan 26, 2018 by J. S.
"Love getting encouraged to push myself a little harder than I would on my own! Very friendly atmosphere. Always clean. Always professional. Enjoy the extra bootcamp offerings."

Jan 9, 2018 by K. G. S.
"The attentiveness of the instructors to my individual needs, designing a program specific to me is why I appreciate FT of PL."

Jan 5, 2018 by J. M.
"Personal service"

Dec 9, 2017 by K. W.

Nov 26, 2017 by S. S.
"If you are looking for results, this is the place! A friend recommended Fitness Together to me and I am thrilled with the results. Lauren is my fitness trainer and food coach. She is AMAZING! I’ve tried many programs in the past but this is the one that is working. It’s working because of the personal attention I receive from this knowledgeable group of people. Greg and his team are professional, welcoming and responsive to my needs. I would recommend Fitness Together to anyone interested in looking for a positive experience in personal training. "

Nov 11, 2017 by P. H.
"I like the one-on-one training specifically tailored to my needs. Greg is Great!!"

Nov 9, 2017 by K. G. S.
"One on one training with a caring staff."

Nov 9, 2017 by S. D.
"Personalized service with a friendly attitude. The focus is on your improvement and your goals. The staff is highly trained and personable. The atmosphere is supportive and they listen to your thoughts and assist in your success. Gotta go! Visit them soon. Steve"

Nov 5, 2017 by K. L.
"I have been impressed at the quality of my training sessions with Greg. He shows the utmost in ability to diagnose my needs and to work toward meeting them. In addition, as I am just starting out and lack confidence and also physical strength Greg is ALWAYS careful to motivate me while not making me feel like a clumsy fool.. That means so very much to me. I look forward to my "new life"ahead with Fitness Together!"

Nov 3, 2017 by S. M.
"Professional and knowledgeable trainers will customize a program to meet your needs and motivate you as you work toward your goals. I have seen real positive results and continue to improve my strength, balance and flexibility."

Oct 5, 2017 by L. N.
"It's only my second week, but so far everyone is very nice and supportive and I like that classes are offered in the evening and on weekends."

Sep 22, 2017 by L. T.
"At Fitness Together, I signed up for 15 sessions to work on improving my balance. I am 67 and I wasn't really feeling like I might fall, but it seemed like a good thing to be proactive about. The activities and exercises are really fun, and I am amazed at how much more stable I feel. I really like that my trainer, Colin, is very careful about safety. I also like how he explains some of the science behind the exercises and why they work. Another thing I like is that he gives me good homework that I can really do. If homework is too hard or I don't feel like I am doing it correctly, it seems useless and I don't want to do it. But the homework Colin gives me is just right, so I really do it. The payoff is that every day in lots of little ways I feel more stable than I used to. Another great thing about Colin is that he always knows what to have me do next, and he knows how to make an exercise a little easier or a little more difficult. Colin is almost 40 years younger than I am and it might seem like that wouldn't be a very good match, but it is. He has a degree in gerontology, and he likes to work with older people. He is so positive and encouraging. One more good thing is that my knees were really hurting. I love my home, and it has lots of steps. I was worried that I would have to move to a single story home. Colin knew how to help, and now my knees barely hurt and I can go up and down steps so easily. It's astonishing. I am very, very happy and thankful. "

Sep 11, 2017 by L. B.
"I started working out at FTPL several years ago to rehab an arthritic hip that had sidelined me from jogging and hiking. I figured my hiking days were over, and it was time to move on to some other fitness endeavor. I have had the privilege to work with some outstanding trainers who have looked at my capabilities and limitations, and have challenged me to continually improve. Even though several of these talented folks have been the ages of my own children, not a one has ever implied that my age should limit my goals. Working one-on-one keeps my type-A traits focused on my own performance, and not wasting time competing with other people. Just last week I completed a 140 mile hiking trip....something I never could have done it without the help and encouragement of this great team!"

Sep 9, 2017 by S. K.
"Great physical therapy with Greg Sterner. I would highly recommend him to anyone"

Reviews Provided by Listen360