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Client Reviews

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Reviews Provided by Listen360

May 20, 2019 by K. L.
"I really trust the trainers to provide the workouts that I need. Plus I really LOVE the kindness of the trainers. They motivate as well as bringing a positive atmosphere to each session. I feel great about coming to FT and feel my strength and health are improving."

May 19, 2019 by J. N.
"Everyone is friendly and kind. Personalized workout program specific to my needs and goals. I like that the facility is small and feels more or less private (I wouldn't feel comfortable working out at a large gym). Scheduling is flexible and there is availability outside of my working hours."

May 16, 2019 by K. C.
"Great work outs!"

May 14, 2019 by R. C.

May 7, 2019 by E. B.
"The trainers at Fitness Together are great! Very professional and fun. It's a great way to get in shape."

May 1, 2019 by J. E.
"I like the personal assessment and attention to my physical condition. I like that my workout is tailored for me. i am not yet strong and yet I can still do a good workout with help from Fitness Togeterh, Pt Loma. "

Apr 29, 2019 by P. H.
"Personalized to your needs."

Apr 17, 2019 by R. A.
"Very very personable. Adapts program to client needs. All the trainers are knowledgeable and great. It's very easy to make a commitment to time spent here. They are always encouraging"

Mar 30, 2019 by W. B.
"Exceptional professionalism and friendly atmosphere. Great staff and facility."

Mar 30, 2019 by B. B.
"I noticed an almost immediately a reduction in the problems that I had been having. The main one being a pain in my artificial right hip joint and slight pains in both ankles. Bob Bradbury"

Mar 30, 2019 by P. R.
"The one on one training and goal setting."

Mar 24, 2019 by K. L.
"I feel as if Greg and his staff are VERY aware of my needs, my level of abliity and design a program that is perfect for me. I trust them and am excited to have them as part of my health and fitness program!"

Mar 23, 2019 by A. Y. L.
"Very professional, great tips on back safety and body mechanics. "

Mar 9, 2019 by L. R.
"Personal care from trainers who really care"

Mar 8, 2019 by E. C.
"We like the friendly and knowledgeable staff. We like the there is no judgement. The exercises are kept fresh and fun. We really enjoy the bootcamps. The nutrition plan is easy to follow and doesn't feel like a diet. "

Mar 2, 2019 by L. C. A.
"Nice small gym with friendly and professional trainers "

Mar 2, 2019 by R. K.
"Personal and individual help from friendly and knowledgeable staff. "

Feb 19, 2019 by J. A.
"It's a good, overall workout that is tailored to my needs. Specifically leg strength and balance."

Feb 15, 2019 by K. K.
"What I love about fitness together is how welcomed you feel. Every time I walk in everyone says hi. Greg is always there if you need anything. My trainer Jillian is amazing and the workouts are designed around you and your needs. "

Feb 8, 2019 by R. M.
"Focus on individual customer needs and goals"

Reviews Provided by Listen360