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Ten Tips to Help you Stick to your Summer Goals

Jul 19, 2021

Summer can be a tough time to stick to your routines. We're out being social again in this great weather, which means BBQs, drinks, and other opportunities to fall of our plans. How can you stay true to your goals while still having a great summer with friends and family? Read on.

1. Offer to be the host of summer get-togethers. You have more control of the food and beverages offered as well as the time for eating and activities.

2. If you are not hosting, ask to bring a dish! (Most hosts will always say yes!) Bring dishes you feel comfortable eating. Something as simple as a veggie tray or some fruit for dessert, or a healthy fancier dish if you're a great cook!

3. Keep your alcohol to a minimum. Of course, have a drink or two if you wish to, but quench your thirst first with water or another no calorie beverage. Drink to enjoy the drink, not to satisfy your thirst. If you're going to have alcohol, be mindful of the mixers. Drink slowly and enjoy!

4. Plan family outings that don’t include going out to eat. Think hikes, walks, family sports...just movement in general.

5. Choose a summer healthy body goal-buddy.

6. Drink only water or another no calorie drink with all meals unless it's a special event. No need to add more calories or sugar to your meal times.

7. Don’t “bank” your calories for the get-together then binge when there. Stick to your normal eating patterns!

8. Remember that a BBQ is just that - a BBQ. Enjoy your BBQ dinner, but there's no reason for breakfast or lunch (or the previous or following day) to fall off track.

Got any additional tips for your support network? Let us know below!


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