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How to Stay Motivated By Lee Constantinou

Nov 2, 2017

Tip 1: Set Yourself a Goal

It doesn’t matter how big or how small the goal may be, but setting one is the first step to achieving it!

You’re likely to be someone who sets goals in life whether it is to achieve a certain grade in your studies, or to save enough money for your dream holiday – so why not treat your fitness with the same attitude?

Write down this goal on a piece of paper, your phone or your computer, and every so often just read it over and then ask yourself, “Am I getting closer to my goal?”

Tip 2: Track Your Progress

Now you need to put tracking parameters in place to ensure you’re moving in the right direction (towards your goal).

We all have varying aims and will therefore have a different method of tracking our success.

But choose one that resonates with your goal. If you want to achieve a lean sculpted physique, then take key measurements – skinfold testing and recording this, for example.

Seeing your progress on a piece of paper or a spreadsheet is highly motivating, trust me!

Tip 3: Eat Good, Feel Great

We all know the old saying "you are what you eat", so if you have bad eating habits then you’re likely to feel bad on the inside, have poor energy levels and it may affect your mood.

If you have healthy eating habits, eating quality nutrients, then your body will feel great and is more likely going to keep you energised, and of course motivated.

Ensure your recovery after exercise is optimal too; taking on protein with some carbohydrates can help accelerate your recovery.

Tip 4: Mix It Up

Training with one goal in mind can cause us to constantly do the same thing to try and achieve that goal. Sometimes you’ve got to mix it up and try new things.

I don’t just mean doing a new exercise, but trying something totally different and challenging and most of all, exciting!

Getting in shape for a photoshoot doesn’t mean just adding in some power walks or eating less, to me it means doing some other sports and activities that I enjoy whilst working towards my cover model body at the same time. It’s a win-win situation to me.

Tip 5: Be Passionate

Above everything else, staying motivated comes down to desire and passion. This will naturally motivate you to become that person you’re striving to be.

Without the passion you just won't put the same effort in. Discover your fire and use it to fuel you every day.

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