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Greg Sterner, Physical Therapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist Jan 24, 2019 Strength

How can I tell which will benefit me more Physical Therapy or Chiropractic Care?

Strength Matters Dec 29, 2018 Strength

Health and fitness can be like riding a roller coaster. One day you feel like things are great and you have the energy to ride the coaster all the way to the top. The next day, however, you feel like nothing is going right and you’re in constant free fall. Plenty of people get on the roller coaster ride and experience the thrill, exhilaration, and suspense of heading...

Josh Henkin, CSCS and shared on our website by Greg Sterner, Licensed Physical Therapist Oct 5, 2018 Strength

Training Like an It A Good Fit For You??

Greg Sterner, Licensed Physical Therapist, Certified Nutrition Specialist Jul 10, 2018 Strength

Back pain diminished in 15 minutes with the correct stretching routine.

Greg Sterner, Licensed Physical Therapist, Owner Fitness Together Point Loma Personal Training Gym Sep 5, 2017 Strength

A basic remedy to sitting all day is to simply get up! Frequently getting up from a seated position and doing these six quick and easy realignment exercises can help you reeducate your muscles from getting stuck in a hunched over cave man position.

Greg Sterner, Licensed Physical Therapist, Owner Fitness Together Point Loma Personal Training Gym Aug 22, 2017 Strength

The following are ten wall stretches, most successful in increasing enjoyment of stretching your body. These stretches involve a neutral back position which is very comfortable. While performing these exercises you don’t have to use any of the muscles to support your back. Just relax and focus on the stretch. You can also read or watch TV in this position, which may increase the amount of time you hold any stretch.

Keep this in mind: Regular flexibility training can reduce common aches and pains associated with aging and various forms of arthritis, reduce your risk of injury and help improve your posture and functioning.

Greg Sterner, Physical Therapist, Owner Oct 12, 2012 Strength

Carolyn Lee of Fitness Together Point Loma shows you how to get great shoulders for those strappy Holiday dresses.

Greg Sterner, Owner, Physical Therapist Aug 1, 2011 Strength Top personal fitness trainer in San Diego Greg Sterner and Sara Rose demonstrate the exercise of the week....for full body effects the TRX and BOSU burpee are great. See more at the website as above. Enjoy!!2750 Dewey Rd.Ste 101San Diego, CA 92106

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