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Part 7 of Ten Strategies for promoting healthy eating and safe, permanent weight loss

Jun 27, 2010

7. Receive support and get rewards for your successes along the way.

Eating healthy, losing weight and keeping it off are difficult. People are most successful at making positive lifestyle changes when they receive weekly contact with a support person and when they are provided incentives for weight loss. Small rewards along the way will increase the likelihood that you will maintain your new healthy habits. At Nutrition Together we reward you for a job well done (no matter how small) via contests, prizes, and nonfood rewards for your accomplishments. The Nutrition Together program provides you with ongoing dual support: Nutrition Together consultants specially trained to give you personalized weekly coaching and an Internet forum to receive support from other Nutrition Together clients and health professionals.

Dr. Janet Brill, Ph.D., R.D., LDN


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